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    hi 5 for port stephens!

    I don't think you really have to freak out about the fact you haven't booked yet, port stephens is no where near as busy as byron or the gold coast at schoolies time.
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    Would you stop seeing your current boy/girlfriend for $1 million?

    "I would, however, like to elaborate on the cheating thing. He is going to be going to a lot of uni parties and getting very drunk. Alcohol = lack of inhibitions. His hormones are raging at this age, and he'll feel very horny. As a guy, I know enough guys who seem like they wouldn't cheat, but...
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    Would you stop seeing your current boy/girlfriend for $1 million?

    Haha yup, ok, obviously you've never been in a mature relationship and had someone respect you and love you as much as you respect and love them. The fact that we're still strong and have the trust in our relationship even though i've started uni 9 hours north of where he is is something i don't...
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    Oral sex for bf's

    Had sex with my b/f before i gave him oral...but i think it was um 3 or 4 weeks after we started going out.
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    Would you stop seeing your current boy/girlfriend for $1 million?

    Wouldn't give him up for anything, not for my health not anything...i would prefer to die happily than live unhappily, and i'm being serious. I would never give him up for a million.
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    Is it a hole?

    Lismore has two clubs...and a few pubs from what i know considering i just moved here on saturday. The beaches round here are nice though, my mum and i went for a drive the other day, but she's gone home now. Anyway if the courses at SCU are what you want to do well then i think it's a good...
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    ATTN: Accom. in Lismore...

    Hey guys, i got into B Business in Int. Tourism Management in Lismore and i've been looking round for accommodation and nothing has really appealed to me, i was wondering if any students have a room in their house share arrangement, or if any new students starting this year would be...
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    Hottest Part of a Guy?

    It depends what guy i'm looking at, on my bf however, arms chest and butt...hahaha i love his butt it's so cute. Oh and his back, fuck ok everything, i don't think you can find 1 thing if you like/love the guy anyway.
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    Love & Physical Attraction

    uhawww is totally right, if you love someone no matter whether they seem physically attractive to anyone else, they will most definatly be physically attractive to you. You may fall in love with their personality and because of that attraction you will be attracted to the whole of them.
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    Forever and Ever

    ^ Well it's obvious you haven't found 'the one'...and thinking like that you may never. I'd say it'd be different for each person, it's like when you start loving someone, you don't know where it really came from but all of a sudden you love them, well not all of a sudden cause there a...
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    Port Stephens 2006!!!

    I'm sorry i didn't catch up with any of you kids while i was up group and i basically did our own thing. Oh and jono i'm not sure if the akward 'high five' moment was my fault or yours but i'm sorry bout that that was weird i wasn't sure if you wanted to shake my hand or...
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    Port Stephens 2006!!!

    Think most of us are going up the time you guys are leaving, sorry kiddos.
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    Top 'speed' done and where?

    Top Speed: 150/160 km/h Speed Limit: 70 Km/h Car: '03 Corolla (manual) Local road (annangrove road-doubt anyone's heard of it) in a semi-rural area. Highest speed a car's done while i've been in it is 210km/h that my dad did in Italy.
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    auto or manual

    Female, drive manual, and prefer manual. More control, i can pick up and slow down quicker, i feel out of control when i drive an auto and i'm always reaching for the clutch and the gear stick. Personally it's awesome for me cause i live in a rural area. I can push the revs higher to get...
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    Do girls want it as much as guys? putting it simply...

    Sounds a bit like my relationship, lol. Simple answer to your question, yes, and depending on the girl and guy in question the chick may want it more than him. I just think it depends on the individual.