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    What was the last CD you bought?

    My Dying Bride - A Line of Deathless Kings Imperia - Queen of Light Tiesto - Elements of Light Megadeth - (too many to list) Strapping Young Lad - City, Alien, Heavy as a Really Heavy Thing, The New Black, SYL Tool - Tool(Demo), Salival
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    Determining Anode from Cathode

    Up until before the trial, electrochemistry was always a problem for me too, but my advice is this (despite the fact that it is quite late), learn to love the table of standard reduction potentials.
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    Is IPT your last exam?

    Yes, same here, Chem tomorow, then im going to learn all about how chemicals in the blood stream affect decision making skillz!!
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    How hard did you find it?

    I thought writing the SQL statement was the hardest bit, though if you looked in the multi choice section you saw another SQL so you could copy the syntax
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    6-7 mark questions you'd like

    Anything on the Haber process would fit me like a glove, I spent a week at an amonia plant in the holidays following people around, so i know it very well. AAS wouldnt worry me either
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    Increases in SO2 and NOx evidence dot point

    well what i said was just an example that you might like to drop in your answer, assuming the ask that question. Recently produced elements, it all depends on what your definition of recent is, you could use plutonium or neptuneium, or any other trans uranic element. But if your really stuck...
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    Increases in SO2 and NOx evidence dot point

    During a black out in canada and the US begining on 14 aug 2003 the entire electrical grid was shut down. During the time that there was no burning of coal in powerstations, the atmosphere became much clearer and cleaner as a result. thats a pritty specific example and i rekon it would help to...
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    The 7 mark question was easy. Mention things like increased computer power allows for adaptive optics. Techniques such as superimposition to bring greater detail in colour to the stars. Technology such as the space shuttle to put the Hubbel telescope into space.
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    Hard or Easy

    I thought it was an easy exam, though im glad i read all the questions twice. I gave the correct wrong answer for one of the questions, re read it and gave the correct correct answer.
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    Is copper a superconductor?

    I dont think Cu becomes a super conductor at -50 deg C, at -50 kelven would be closer to its critical frequency. But i said that the magnet would take a greater amount of time to come to rest (land on the Cu brick) due to increased induced current.
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    Space assignment?

    A spring in a tube firing marbels worked well for me
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    metal fans your suggestions are needed

    Dragonforce have some insane guitar work. Well worth a listn to. Metallica Arch Enemy In Flames Mastodon Maralyn Manson Tool Korn Slipknot The Haunted Slayer Strapping Young Lad For others get the full metal racket program from the triple J website.
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    I really like films with a strong message and a different style. The characters were believable. 'Tis a good film. Comparing it to Reservoir Dogs is a reasonable comparison, however the actual directing of the two films is quite different, Elephant has fewer cuts and a more life like viewpoint...
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    Favorite fictional character

    Bernard owns, Same with Manny Moss - The IT Crowd Barry the Baptist - lock stock and two smoking barrels Bill - Kill Bill Cartman is my hero.
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    Physics vs Chem

    I rekon Chemistry Owns, I would have done 3u chem if there was a course for it. Physics is pritty cool too. I love em both.