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    UNSW vs. UTS which is better Must decide quickly!!

    Mate, did someone tell you to say that? He's like three times my age dude. I can't stand stand it when people say that. Here's a list of the most sought after companies for US MBA graduates to work for, according to Fortune magazine. McKinseys has been ranked No.1 for much of the past 20-odd...
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    UNSW vs. UTS which is better Must decide quickly!!

    Omni, to be fair, I think Musk has made your point for you. I don't expect anyone in UTS to have heard of McKinsey, except maybe a couple of the teaching staff.
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    bus/law at UTS or BCom at UNSW

    When I finished my HSC, I had the choice of doing Business Law at UTS or Bachelor of Commerce at UNSW. I picked the BCom at UNSW because my brother did it and he told me it was good. That might be a stupid reason to do something, but that's why I picked BCom at UNSW and I never regretted it...
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    UNSW vs. UTS which is better Must decide quickly!!

    Yes, I think McKinsey is looking to hire in a recession. During the bad years, companies often undergo restructures and they like to get the McKinseys of this world to tell them how best to go about it. What's special about this mob? I think they like to hire from UNSW, so that kinda makes...
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    Accounting Practice Questions

    PAYG Witholding is the tax you withold from employees as part of the Pay as You Go Tax System. The money is actual the employee's share of tax. Income Tax Payable is the Company Tax that the company owes the ATO for its corporate profits. DR Wages Expense 5,200 CR Cash...
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    What does CA Achievers do?

    I did CA Acheivers back in 2004, but I think the experience wouldn't have changed too much since then. I was really lucky because I landed a small accounting firm (not my choice, picked by the Institute). At first, I was a bit disappointed that I didn't land a Big 4, however having worked for...
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    Commerce at USyd or UNSW?

    Back to your original question . . . I live in the Inner West (about half an hour to forty-five minutes by bus to USyd). I did Commerce at UNSW and it took me an hour and ten minutes to get to uni. I was used to the travelling because I went to school near UNSW, so I guess I didn't miond it too...
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    Which uni for finance degree ?

    I know two US investment banks that do not consider UTS for their front-office positions. One of them went to UTS to do a presentation on positions in accounting, administration and other back office positions. One of the students asked during a Q&A session about jobs in investment banking. The...
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    Careers primarily utilising Microeconomics?

    Wow, you have your whole career planned. Unfortunately, I'm not that far ahead in my career to give you advice on that. There are plenty of very bright people that transfer from consulting firms to the Treasury departments because the work is more interesting (I know one person from BCG and...
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    Careers primarily utilising Microeconomics?

    If you are a Microeconomics buff, the best place to get exposure to microeconomis issues would be at a an economic consultancy or at one of the state or territory departments of treasury. Typically, econnomic consultancies don't take undergraduates, so your best option would be applying to one...
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    Which uni for finance degree ?

    Hussk, I was in the same situation as you in high school. I decided to go UNSW. It's served me well, and I got the degree I wanted, got the job I wanted, and enjoying a semester on exchange rite now. I would highly recommend UNSW to you if you are doing any Commerce discipline, particularly...
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    Co-op vs Cadetship

    This man is a celebrity. Please do not contact him, or speak to him unless you see him out on the PwC red carpet, in which case he might let you have your picture taken!
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    Co-op vs Cadetship

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    Is english (writing skills) a big part of commerce/business?

    If you want to pursue a career in Australia, good English is needed for a good degree/job in Commerce. However, if your English is above average, I'm sure you'll get through a Commerce degree since there are plenty of people out there that get through Commerce with average English ability.
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    Hong Kong Investment Banking

    The best thing to do in such a situation is not buy Australian assets. If you have your money tied up in HK shares, HK properties and HK chas deposit accounts, they usually can't get to you. It's only when you have a house here or heaps of assets, that they say "Hang on, you're an Aussie...