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Recent content by Mrs.McDreamy

  1. Mrs.McDreamy

    Major assesment results

    I got: 63/65 all up (that's unweighted) but most importantly I got 20/20 for the essay :D:D:D so I'm v v v happy with that. I sucked at history in year 11 and basically only started trying at the start of year 12, so it's good to know doing stuff pays off. And my major work all up was worth...
  2. Mrs.McDreamy

    im veryy stressed!!!!!!!!!!

    Ideally, you need to address the question in your entire essay, as your essay's soul purpose is to answer the question. Answer it directly in the intro, then link all your examples/ideas (i.e. your paragraphs) back to how this supports your answer in your intro. Then answer it again in the...
  3. Mrs.McDreamy

    media - john butler trio - HELp

    yeah I'm using this text as a back up. I don't really know what to say about it though. The lyrics are so straight forward and so kind of speak for themselves. But does he use any techniques? Or the music? How does it add to the meaning? yeah probably won't use it unless I'm stuck
  4. Mrs.McDreamy

    Quality over Quantity

    Well I wrote 6, 8, 11 pages. My writing is about 10 times bigger than most, as in, 3 or 4 words a line. Quantity really does matter and it pisses me off people like to brag how much they got down. My sister did her hsc two years ago and wrote 2-6 pages for each section. Her mark for English was...
  5. Mrs.McDreamy

    How much u wrote and wat mark u expect ?

    LOL i think your signature is ftw ... yep that's all I've got to say
  6. Mrs.McDreamy

    Section 1

    I only did one photo. Was that wrong? I did the top right one, of all the photos on the ground and a person looking at them. Should I have done the one next to that aswell?
  7. Mrs.McDreamy

    For People Who Did Bad!!!

    i have no idea how i went, I have a feeling shit though, my essay was general and the my comprehension answers were bullshit. waaaah :( oh well
  8. Mrs.McDreamy

    How much u wrote and wat mark u expect ?

    section 1 - a booklet seection 2 - a booklet and 3 or 4 more pages section 3 - a booklet .. ah how many pages are in a booklet lol? I didn't really pay that much attention
  9. Mrs.McDreamy

    Section 11. If it's not a creative?

    They can ask you for something different to a creative right? But I really don't know what else? A speech? What would you do? I got this question somewhere... "You have been asked to contirbute to a survival guide for the next generation of teenagers, which is to be published in an on-line...
  10. Mrs.McDreamy

    journey story help!

    I think its good. At the start it's like stream of consciousness. not many people write in it because they don't know how to well, an advantage to you. I agree with everything the person above me said lol. Descriptions are good. Also it's a bit narrow? Not easy to appropriate according to...
  11. Mrs.McDreamy

    Help with understanding rubric

    You need to be able to express you know what a journey is, either physical, inner or imaginative. compare and contrast different texts and their individual journeys, relating it to the concept of journeys in general write so you make sense. Not hard really. It's just stupid english speek. Use...
  12. Mrs.McDreamy

    Absolutely Desperate! Creative Writing Help!

    it has no 'wow factor' as my teachers call it. You need to grab the readers attention in the first few lines, even if it doesn't have much to do with the story, say something dramatic.
  13. Mrs.McDreamy

    could they specify a poem?

    yep, they can with mod B for sure. But my god it would suck if they did. And usually for imaginative journeys, its a generic question for all texts? And so it would be the same one for The Tempest as Coleridge, so obviously if that is the case they couldn't specify.
  14. Mrs.McDreamy


    yep, my conclusions are always like my intros, but the sentences are just written a little differently. Because both summarise your argument