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  • Hey. I saw on a forum you got 94+ in Eco.. i struggle with eco heapssssssssss. I was also wonderingggggg how come there isnt any 2011 or 2010 stuff in the resources section on this site? im kinda new like i never use this but itd be good if the resources to download like notes and stuff were more recent and appropriate to the syllabus that keeps changing!
    Hi, thank you. We have a few of the same subjects (well really only Ancient, but geography and Earth can't be THAT different). For my History Extension Major Work, I'm looking at the portrayal of Greek women in classical Greece and then analysing how this portrayal influenced the Medieval Stereotype of a 'witch'. Do you do Extension II Maths and English, or just Extension I?
    OMGG u do geography, i love it bahah ok ok , u must be thinking im weird soorii for the random post :D
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