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    What happens if i fail a subject

    Hi, here is what i am doing semester 1: computing engineering, physics, computing, maths semester 2: electrical engineering, higher physics, computing, higher maths (these are recommended for my course) what happens if i fail physics in semester 1? do i redo physics in semester 2 or am i...
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    Binomials query A few i couldnt doooo :(. Thanks in advance
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    Terry Lee's Answers to 2008 HSC Exam

    ahhhhhhhh dammm, not quite the happy :(
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    General Thoughts: Mathematics Extension 2

    Re: What did you think? Its terminal velocity, sub t = infinite DW i put resistance as well Anyway, be over delighted with a raw of 100
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    How many past papers have you done?

    Only 2005,2006,2007 HSC under exam conditions Other than that, did the topic by topic stuff from the CSSA
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    Really Hard harder 3unit :O

    HSC questions are just a more simpler version of what i post up. Anyway, im not gona be posting anything up for harder 3u as they are so random and you can't prepare for them haha
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    Really Hard harder 3unit :O

    K i got it
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    Really Hard harder 3unit :O Assuming B0(x) = 1 I integrate it from 0 to 1, obtaining x + c. But the integration of that = 0, so therefore c = -1. BUT the question states -1/2. I tested for the other values but HOW the truck do they get the constants...
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    Harder 3u/probability Can't do ii). Haven't attempted the rest either, so if you have the time you could have a go at them Thanks in advance ^^
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    Conical Pendulum Problem

    WRONG DUY LE :O bad luck, i won't tell you answer coz its never good to work towards the answer.
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    Conical Pendulum Problem

    yeppp, seems correct Yip :) another problem: A light inextensible string of length 3L is threaded through a smooth vertical ring which is free to turn. The string carries a particle at each end. One particle A of mass m is at rest at a distance L below the ring. The other particle B of mass M...
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    Conical Pendulum Problem I included diagram. Can someone do iii) and iv) for iv) i have no idea what happens if the ring is free to move, someone care to explain? :)
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    Volume question

    hmm okay, didnt see sorry Looking back, there is no part a on the sheet so yeh.
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    poly question

    umm, can you explain this to me. I can see this case occurs at n = 2, but how come you can assume it occurs for n=3,4, .... Why are you so smart affinity haha :read:
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    Volume question

    Having a problem with ii). You can ignore i) and assume it, unless you wana do it for good practice ^^ Thanks in advance.