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  • heterosexual unions will always be of more importance and legitimacy, I accept that. But I'm positive one day it will be different.
    If you feel like that then, don't go around posting things like how idea of gay adoption shocks you beyond belief or putting homosexuality in the same catergory as homocide and pedophilia because it is quite derogatory.
    My parents aren't even religious, they're strong libitarians like many on these forums.

    I do accept you mate, honeslty I don't think you or any other gay person is actually evil or anything. You may find it hard to believe but if I met you on the street, I wouldn't treat you any different from anyone else, unless you looked like one of those like ultra-gay village people wannabes, in which case I may give you an odd stare lol.

    I support your right, yes its a right, to sleep with whomever you want, even if I don't approve. But that doesn't mean I have to approve.
    If your reasons aren't bliblically inspired...then where the fuck do you get such rediculous and immoral opinions from? Yoru parents?! I god hope not. To think that they have raised you in such a way you can't accept people for who they are and let them do what makes their heart content.
    I hardly find your argument superior. Using a book rather than your own mind to conjure up morals, beliefs and commen sense is hardly superior.

    Cyndi Lauper bless.
    Hyprocrisy? Unjustified hate? I have all the justification to hate you. Nearly every second post in that thread I could quote something that is racist or sexist against gays. Yea i know its your clouded religious beliefs that lead you to your absurd answers but they are just plain wrong. If i ever saw you walking down the street you'd better hope that i was in a good mood.
    Life is not beautiful. Only will it be beautiful when tainted people like you are banished from Earth. Burn in hell.
    haha fair point. Law at USYD? Thats a tough course to get into. I got an early offer to the conservatorium of music - trumpet - performance. Music has always been the only thing i've ever wanted to do and it's already taken me to some amazing places
    Thats what I'm thinking. I'm just curious - What are you planning on doing with yourself after school? All I see of you on these forums is your religious beliefs
    Hey thanks for the rep man. I do enjoy debating with you :) You give religion a better name than skyline haha
    Ok. For me:

    Chem - theory is boring because I've already learnt the stuff. Pracs are less boring - we're investigating how much carbon dioxide is contained within a bottle of soft drink.
    Physics - again, theory is boring because I've learnt the stuff in advance, but the pracs are less boring - my group is designing a projectile launcher and will be testing it out.
    Maths 2/3U - learning logs. I like logs.
    Maths 4U - doing conics. Lessons are pretty much lectures.
    Bio - dropped today. The Science faculty were shocked especially the bio ones, who were upset. :\
    English - going faster than ever. We're analysing Pride and Prejudice at the rate of one volume per lesson. Not good.
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