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    the clube

    thanks for that i didnt end up doing it for some reason and it has not been found out that i have not done it but i have read the play now and i did a different assesment task today
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    PIP progress

    every one is so far ahead of me i have to have my first draft done bye tommrow and i have only just figured out what chapters i am going to do. but what my teacher has seen he says if fantastic and all i have to do is build on it. Im having three chapters like some of you.I probably should be...
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    no affence but at least you got to do stuff at your work placement i was not aloud to do anything at all i actually wish i did get to use a knife or something. It was a waste of time for me i get more experiance at school
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    the clube

    wittness no essay question has been given
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    What are you doing ur PIP on?

    the PIP day at the wesly centre said do some thing you care about so i choose Alzhimer which i care heaps about cos my grandfather had it and past away on 1st June 3 years ago and my cross cultural is going to be age how it affected my grandmother to how it effect my mum and Uncle to how it...
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    Soiety and Culture day in sydney

    im going only a friend and i are going from my school coz a maths assesment task is on that day and the othere in my class want to do it on the RIGHT day and not the day before it should be good my teacher cant stop raving about what is going to be said there he went to some meeting about it...
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    I.R.P. Home

    hey 15/20 isnt that bad g's i het you came in the to 3/4 of your class with that mark its a really good mark you are judging your self to hard trust me i was heaps happy with 14/20 then i found out what one of my friends in my group got 20/20 and all i could do was tell you self how stuped i was...
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    the clube

    i have to do an essay and i was wondering if anyone would be able to give me advice and help with it you would be an angel if you could help
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    I.R.P. Home

    I.R.P hey everyone i have done my I.R.P i worked my ass off. It worked out in the end.Keep going and you will do fine you get stressed and worked up about it but its over before you know it. I compleated my I.R.P the first week of the holidays, a week before it was due only because i had love...
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    found a site with tons of notes and materials

    thanks thank you for your kindness with sharing your information with us all you have done great things for many people by doing this for themthank you
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    imaganary Journy

    well i dont know what the hell i am doing so i am scrood the drama is the club film witness Poetry Herrick and thats all i know :hammer: and i feel like an idiot