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    USyd Commerce (Dalyell) or UNSW BCom/BIS? Help

    unsw!!! thats where im going
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    Share your 2017 HSC results here

    3U Maths: 99 4U Maths: 98 Chemistry: 95 Physics: 97 English Adv: 56 ATAR: 95.90 im happy with what i got
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    Share your 2017 HSC results here

    Does anyone know what this is? the subscript next to e3
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    2017 ATAR Calculator Thread

    does anyone know what that small subscript means to the left of E3?
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    Impact on Society Questions

    For these types of questions, do you have to list both positive and negative impacts? Looking at past HSC papers the answers rarely give negatives and only focus on positive impacts, would it be safer to do both positives or negatives or can we choose to only focus on one aspect?
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    Raw mark for E4?

    I know there is no certain raw mark to get an E4 but around what range of marks would be enough to score E4? I've been doing poorly in past HSC exams and only getting 65-75% :/
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    Advanced Paper 2 [Modules] - Thoughts

    Wasn't too hard except Mod B, how do they expect us to answer a question solely based on one character :(
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    Essay Question

    If you are given a quote in a question, how many times do you need to refer to it and does it matter when you first refer to it?
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    Technique for swear words

    I remember a technique my teacher mentioned that we should use instead of simply using 'swear words', but I don't remember what the technique was called. Can someone help me out here?
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    Thanks :)
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    Hey everyone I had had two questions regarding quotes. Firstly I hear everyone saying that we should have 3-4 quotes minimum in each body paragraph, say if I only had 2 quotes for a body paragraph am I guaranteed to lose marks for that? I was curious because for my second question, I am...
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    HSC Standard Questions

    Thanks man this really helps!
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    HSC Standard Questions

    Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone has any general knowledge on the kind of questions that are likely to be asked in the HSC exam, preferably the extended response questions worth 4-7 marks because I generally struggle with those. My option topic is Quanta to Quarks so questions within that...
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    ATAR Estimate Please

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    Quotes in an essay

    I've heard many people mentioning a minimum number of quotes required in each body paragraph. However I'm doing a related text which is a film, do I still need quotes from the film or is analysing film/cinematic techniques enough? Or do I need both?