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    Port Macquarie 2006..

    Okay so port macquarie for schoolies was not shit! You just need to make your own fun.. We met loads of nice people and the weather was shit but we still had fun.. Just make your own fun and you will have no problems!
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    port macquarie 2006

    Ok Ok so despite what all have been saying i went to port for a week and had an awesome time.. no more "its going to be shit" it was good besides the shitty weather and even so we had an awesome time..
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    Society and Culture:General Exam Thoughts

    Ok so the first questions were okay the 2 main essays were pretty shit seeing as we studied like equality and difference in regards to other shit not damn legal, historical and political drivers or watever the hell it was lol... LoL but oh well.. and ummm the whole alienation and conflict thing...
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    PIP Topics - What did everyone chose?

    Hey I did " I swear i'm a good guy, the effects and misunderstanings of tourette syndome in society"
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    Can anyone help so confused!?

    Okay we have just established that by not going to the exam does not mean i am "DROPPING IT"... it just means that it will not be counted for my hsc marks but i will still be able to get my hsc as only one of the exams counts and that exam is hospitality... So therefore i am not "dropping it" I...
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    Can anyone help so confused!?

    alrite thanks heaps...I'd been told i was eligable heaps of times but its like scary and all if u kno wat i mean being told by others that i'm not.. I have completed both of my TVET courses and done all the competencies well and all... so yeh.. i'm just going to take ur word for it.. and my...
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    Can anyone help so confused!?

    Okay yeh so yes or no.. ahh theres only one person here who sounds like they kno wat they are talking about so I only want that person to answer... this is my HSC here peoples please dont just "GUESS"... Thanks anyhow
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    Can anyone help so confused!?

    Thanks for that so your saying if I sit the following subjects I will get my HSC...? Business studies Hospitality English Standard Society and Culture thanks..XoXo
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    Can anyone help so confused!?

    Okay i'm kinda worrying/confused.. My careers adviser has told me 1000 million times that I do not have to do my Information Technology exam because only one of my marks out of I.T and Hospitality will count.. and thats whatever is the highest. So i decided to just do hospo and not I.T. I...
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    Section 1

    ok well section one was gay.. I stupidly did it last and had like well 25 mins.. lol so I didnt get the question worth 5 marks done and the questions I answered for all that section were really brief and didn't really make any sense.. but wats done is done and you can't change it so everyone...
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    Komninos Or Away...

    Hey all just wondering if anyone is doing Komninos and if so how many poems are you going to learn? I have thought about knowing 2 off by heart because I have looked at the last 3 years papers and they have not specified on which poem you must discuss just given a list.. in 2003 paper however...
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    Whos Goin To Port Macquarie (Sundowner)

    will be there from the 27th of nov to the 3rd dec for anyone who is going..
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    port macquarie 2006

    Hey there thanks for the advice.. Is there any under 18's clubs or nights we can go at port? Me and a few friends are going from the 26th of nov to the 2nd of december.. Cya Nicky
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    I just received my PIP.

    Yeh definently remember to add some SOC concepts in because it will boost your marks if you relate it back to the subject.. Don't forget to mention aswell wen you get to your conclusion what you have learnt through doing this P.I.P and how you have become 'socially and culturally literate' Just...
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    port macquarie 2006

    ahaha screw u.. Nicky!