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    Short Accounting Survey

    Hello everyone. This is just a short sweet survey on What is your view of accountants and accounting? Do you think accounting is only suitable for people who are good at maths? Good responsive answers would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!
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    CA Achievers program - 2009

    um..ok i know it's WORK. there are different types. easy admin photocopy, filing stuff? or reeeeal, really good experience stuff? there IS a difference. =D
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    CA Achievers program - 2009

    thanks Prada_girl for letting me know.. mrmoney: what did you actually get to do? Which firm did you work for? how much is the payrate? (i know it's for experience not money but just curious) were there any interviews you had to attend before getting it?
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    CA Achievers program - 2009

    hey, i'm about to apply for the program too... but i'm not sure about your results and questions above so can't answer sorry.. also. i went through the Accredited Tertiary Courses Listing and there are unshaded and shaded parts. For the unshaded part, it says it's a requirement, do we need to...
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    Shuttle buses to UWS Parramatta

    Hey guys, I'm a newbie starting 1st year at the parra campus I heard there are shuttle buses to UWS from Parra station? When? Where? How? How often do they come? And are they only limited to some students? :)
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    Anyone selling Criminal Law textbook?

    Hi I am looking for the textbook called "Criminal Law & Procedure in NSW" Author: Hayes/Eburn ISBN: 9780409325560 It is the textbook for the unit 200010 Criminal Law I have searched vUWS, but no one is selling? Any offers here? Please email me or call...
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    withdrawal from unsw?

    does any1 know how to withdraw from unsw. I am going to withdraw my B.Arts degree. What are the procedures? I have emailed the arts faculty but they havn't replied yet so just wondering who knows here. thanks in advance.
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    Summer courses @ UWS ?

    Thanks tubtub & Lara1986 for the advice! i will email and ask them :)) By the way, what's LOBO and ADR ?
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    Summer courses @ UWS ?

    Has any1 undertaken a summer course at uws before? I know the enrolments aren't out until 3rd November 09, but just wondering who has done them before and what courses (law+bus) are usually offered??
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    Mid Year early round any1?

    Yeah, I got offered B.Business&Commerce/B.Laws @UWS =))
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    BBC (Applied Finance) / B Law

    Thanks wixxy2348 How long have you been in the course now? I would like to know more about the law side.. are there courses where you learn more practical stuff? so less on theory & readings...
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    BBC/BLaw --> BBC

    Does anyone know how to do an internal transfer from to Is the transfer easy and quick? Because at unsw you just hand in a signed sheet and you're done. what are the procedures at uws?
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    BBC (Applied Finance) / B Law

    I am about to transfer to this course. Anyone doing the above course?? How is it like?? Hard, easy, boring? How is the Business + Law faculty in UWS??
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    Transferring in third year

    Hey guys, I have a dilemma if I should transfer from UNSW to UWS or not. I am doing a B.Arts degree (in second last year) at UNSW and want to get in B.Arts/B.Law or B.Com/B.Law (either one) at UWS, well I wanted to get into a better uni but...only UWS offered it in the mid year intake. Also...
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    Top Schools of 2006 - Daily Telegraph

    wow.. i can't believe MLC did such a great job - 25th !!!!!!!!!!!!! woooohooo!! proud of u my mlc girls!!!!