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  • You could in the future though. I mean if I hadn't gotten the ATAR I needed I would have done a different course and somehow found a way into the course I actually wanted to do. In the end you will get where you want to be.
    if you dont fit the requirements dont even bother for EAS! haha

    sending a letter to the uni would be a last-ditch measure :D
    the time for doing STAT and UMAT has already passed this year, i think your best bet is with that aptitude test (which name i forgot). its basically an IQ test- if you do well in it they'll give you more consideration.
    Oh it's not a problem, really. I really do hope you get into whatever you wish to do :) I'm sure you will.
    yes. to gain more consideration do an apititude test (STAT or UMAT or some other one i forgot its name), apply for misadventure/disadvantage appeal, apply for EAS and send them a letter telling your age
    im sorry but i have no idea what a BA is like. what i most recommend, know what i do, is for you to repeat another year to gain a better a work ethic and study skills + ATAR. uni has a far larger workload than high school, and you WILL get kicked out if you fail a few times. i dont know how much work is in a BA, so do some research on that

    dont believe what that guy says about HECs fees: you'll pay it off in the years that you've 'saved'.
    Ah, yeah must be. But can't say there are too many doing it so young though! All the best for the rest of your exams :)
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