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    Quanta 6 marker

    bohr and de broglie. just talk about how these two work lead into begining of using only uantum mechanics /physics to think about the atomic structure
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    General Thoughts - Physics

    pretty easy i mean besides one that i went blank on only a 2 marker tho so hopeing for 80s raw mark so should be good
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    i still hav 3 exams

    lol finish tomorroww WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
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    Heat: The considerable kinetic and potential energy possessed by an orbiting spacecraft must be lost during re-entry. As the atmosphere decelerates the spacecraft, the energy is converted into a great deal of heat. This heat must be tolerated and/or minimised. The heat can be tolerated by using...
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    Did anybody not notice how boring physics was until now?

    physics is interesting IF U UNDERSTAND IT. seriously if u dont then well i can see how it could be boring. But since i do understand da physics i find it hella interesting although seems to have so much historical and theory stuff for my liking needs more maths
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    anyone else turning nocturnal?

    nope not really but once i finally finsih the transition will occur lol :P
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    what exactly is conduction band?

    ok pretty much conduction band is the level where an electron will be free from the atom thus able to move freely amongst crytal. p and n type refer to go to my post then go to website lol
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    2001 HSC paper

    dont know but chadwick and fermi's uestion thing may not be a dotpoint but come on u should be able to do that if u understand what they did
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    De Broglie - Core

    nope only in optional
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    crapping urself?

    yeah essentially physics is just concepts. U learn and understand these its not hard to build on them. I mean i guess not that much to remember if u know the concepts which are developed throughtout each of the topics.
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    2003 HSC Multiple Choice

    lol i know how u feel PEOPLE READ THE UESTION CAREFULLY and think irregardless of logic what it is saying
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    2 I2I questions

    for number one difference occurs within the void area. scroll down it just means for n type they gain essentially another level to accept electrons for p type another level to accept holes
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    2003 HSC Multiple Choice

    yea but its the astronaut looking at the clock on earth not an observer on earth
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    Differences in AC and DC motors

    from his posts seems like he is doing hsc this year so i mean wtf????