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  • I agree with you there. My worst fear is also stuffing up the first assessment task. I stuffed up my first maths topic test, but that doesn't count towards anything. I am scared about stuffing up my first assessment.
    If I do well in my first assessment, I will continue to do well in the next, but usually, if I fail my first assessment, I lose motivation and the rest of my marks are shithouse :(

    good luck! :D don't stuff up first assessment! Aim for 1st place!
    wow that's pretty soon
    u should get started :D
    yeah, all my other ones are in week 8.
    i hope to get my assessment marks back before the holidays so i can work out where i need to improve.

    gl. are the ppl in ur school getting more competitive? they sure are at my school. even my friends are really competitive, such that I find them so annoying. hsc sucks. everyone's so evil and competitive. :(
    going fine. I can't wait until the first maths assessment :D I wanna kick some ass!
    ohh yes, I hate listening/viewing tasks too.
    maybe u could start your own thread about it. :)
    just GKR for now. Its a karate style in between Shotokan and GoJu. I know that it's not the most popular style in the world, but i'm content with it :)
    yeah you should get started now! everyone in my school is doing 3 hours + daily. OMG so stressed. I'm going to continue studying until I get sick of it. I should prepare for my week 8 assessments now! catcha later
    How r u coping with Year 12? the workload is crazy!!!!!!!!!!! ARGGHH!!! 4 unit maths is so hard! I spent a couple of hours trying to do this stupid question! I'm getting dumber
    I see, I see. History Extension does seem really hard and time-consuming since thorough research is required. I had difficulties deciding too (whether to pick Hist.Ext. up) but I just decided to try it out. If it gets too overwhelming, I'll just drop it. So maybe you can pick it up and if you can handle it, then it is really helpful for your final ATAR. :)

    Lol. First day felt like any other day. Didn't seem like I ever had a holiday. D: + I got buried underneath 3484039 syllabuses and assessment booklets. Fun fun. How was yours? :)
    lol cool
    btw i had my first history ext lesson today... it was so boring!!! zomg 2 hours of crap about historians this and that!!!! GAHHHHHH!!!
    and I also had my first 4 unit maths lesson today. not too happy about that too.

    anyway, keep studying!!! :D have fun
    yeah I took it up.. *sigh* yeah the drop out rate is really high, and apparently it's a bit like English Extension (what my history teacher said but I dont see how). The major work is some report or something on a particular person, event or issue in history. You write a proposal outlining what you intend to investigate in your major work, and this is handed in at the end of Term 4 (this term). In Term 1, you start writing your major work. you also have to have a process log with it. You collect information about your chosen topic and analyse the nature of historiography, sources and talk about the event.. The good thing is that it is marked by your school, but the bad thing is that it is due in quite early (term 2 I think).

    o_O yes you need study periods! I have six a fortnight :D
    hmm.. think about it. are u topping history in your school?
    lol 7 subjects is a lot of work, but I'm giving it a go till the half yearlies. when r ur subjects selection forms due? hmm yeah, but ure doing english extension now, so that's good news
    you could do history ext, I dunno, depends on ur interests. are u good at doing assignments? My history extension HSC trial is only weighed 15% whereas the Major Work is worth 70%, lol. so if you're the project type of guy, then u should do history extension.

    got any free periods? watcha gonna do during them? I'm gonna either sleep or study :D
    u should do history extension bro
    did u get home and study straight away lol?
    coz that's what I did. I went home and did 3 hours non stop of Maths
    and I plan to continue doing this
    with your hard work + motivation, u should be aiming for 99+
    we'll see :)
    Hii. :)

    Um, today is my first day in Year 12, just in case you thought that I was in Year 12 `09 lol. Well, I've done a bit of research and it does seem to be quite a challenging subject although it does scale relatively well. I've asked the History teachers in my school and apparently, there is a high drop out rate in this subject.
    As for the core topics. The History Extension Course is quite different from the Prelim History Coruses. It consists of two components - Part I: What is History? Part II: History Project
    As for Part I - it depends what your school wants to use as a case study. For Part II - Students choose their own topic in which they will conduct an investigation on. (This project may be completed partially in your own time)
    History Extension is based more on the methods in which historians conclude their theories. It involves analysing written sources and evaluate whether the historian is impartial in his/her writing etc. Your chosen topic for Part II should be about a historical event that has caused debate among historians.

    Well, I hope that gave you the basic information about the subject. Sorry for any typos and grammatical errors ^^" Hope to see you in the History Extension Forum soon. :D

    [Had to divide this message into two because it was two long ^^"]
    hols? they are pretty boring actually ... but the boring holidays are better than yerr12 (Oh no!!!1) trust me, i am so not ready for year12 .. are u?
    haha that's true. You tend to concentrate more when you're alone. zomg prejudiced teachers is a big NO NO in the HSC. I had one in Year 10 who totally hated me and I ended up failing the subject coz I hated the teacher. Must have good teachers!!!

    and I don't want annoying brats in my class who disrupt the class 24/7
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