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Phoenix Fury
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  • how's it going phoenix

    hey we never asked you to the meat.. did we? or did you just say reallly early that you weren't coming?
    haha what ya mean quite the poster?

    i hate using this thing wastes my life lol

    ill stop using it when uni starts...fuck that ay?

    only for now, coz its holidays, but i should be doin more important things then bos

    well speak soon ciao now
    so thats how they caught me out...

    hmm, if only i wasnt soo obvious...great lol

    but thanks for that, thought they were stalkers and somehow hacked me lol, crazy thought i know...thats what happens when you PANIC! lol u say stupid things =P
    phew...so there is no stalking involved right?

    god i thought i got my ass hacked for a minute, i almost shit myself, they found out so quickly ahhh >__<!!!
    heyy, how on earth do ppl find out what source you copy and pasted ur post from..like these guys are literally stalking me and know my every move, how do they do that, id like to catch ther asses out someday...any ideas?
    they deleted my famous thread didnt they? lol

    great, why me, why dont they delete the thread with my name on it! lol

    thats ludicrous man lol
    yesss, it was the alternative of the benny hill show, but, but, i cant find my thread
    cursed moderators! did you see, they made a thread about me, thought id make one on them for lolz hehe
    OMG. You're amazing. I honestly have so much respect for anyone going into teaching!


    Wish you all the best with everything, you sound like an incredible person. :wave::guitar:
    Lol, I never knew that.

    Uhm, this may be a stupid question but, only like the admins are aware of people's multi-accounts, right?

    You probably think I'm stupid for asking such a basic question :D
    That's okay. Thanks for warning me about his other accounts.

    I wish you could neg rep someone more than once without having so much a delay.
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