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Recent content by powcy

  1. powcy

    imaginative journeys-additional texts-adventures of sharkboy and lava girl

    I don't know aout Imaginative Journeys, since I did Physical... but I have something to point out: if you use a song as a text, it's not good to just use the lyrics. You also have to analyse the melody, mood, rhythm, volume, style, and all those musicology stuff (crescendo, pause, staccato, etc...
  2. powcy

    How many units?

    I wish I had done that... but as some would say, I didn't do "bad enough" in some of my subjects. I should have dropped SOR1 and switch to Cath Studies instead (My school was Catholic, so we HAD to do some form of RE). 12 units made me wonder why I accomodated for "spare units" by the end of...
  3. powcy

    Year 11 Workload

    AMEN to that! That's the best part of Senior years! Smaller and more serious classes (not speaking for my EES class... *sigh*)! Year 11 IS something, a great deal of something, but nothing compared to year 12. Time management is the most important skill one has to practice (or for some...
  4. powcy

    Difference between 3unit and 2unit Maths

    People who've posted are all very helpful and kind, aren't you all? :) But yes. 3U is an extension of 2U. I did 3U and found it immesely valuable in assiting my understanding of 2U. Many in my 3U class does 2U a lot better than many in the 2U class, regardless of whether they consider...
  5. powcy

    is this stupid?

    Very good advice, I must say. That's what I'm doing! :) But yes, Sando, don't be afraid of "wasting your UAI points". I got 96.10, and my first pref is BSc Adv at USyd (96.40), and second is BSc at USyd (80... I think). I think it's more important to put down what you like, rather than the...
  6. powcy

    Is It Hard To Get A Band 5 In This Subject?

    Firstly, Musk, not all Asians study their lil hinies off. I'm Asian and I don't think I'm study-obsessed ;) Anyways. Beege, your rank is good at the moment, but as for calculation of UAI, you need to also consider the distance between your rank and the ones above and below you. From what I can...
  7. powcy

    what happens if you change your preferences after the 4th of jan? (2day)

    I think that your un-changed references will be consider for the Main Round, and if you change it after then, your changed preferences will be used for the LAte and Final Rounds. As far as I know, no late fees will apply, and conversely, you can't pay your way into being considered for the Main...
  8. powcy

    How far can course cutoffs fluctuate/?

    Thanks people :D I'm not complaining about BSc though... it's great too! It'll be a bonus if I get into BSc Adv, but if I don't... meh. I'll still have fun :D Best of luck everyone!
  9. powcy

    Doesn't it suck that we only get a combo mark back?

    :burn: Who thinks it sucks to have the only mark you get a combination of both your prac and theory? Is there ANY way to know your separate marks?
  10. powcy

    The exam

    I did question 8 in the essay... thought the exam was getting progressively EASIER! The first question was the hardest...
  11. powcy

    who found the 3u paper easy and does NOT do 4u maths

    I thought it was easier than average... but what kind of 3U paper would be "EASY"? ;)
  12. powcy

    Sydney uni versus macquarie uni

    Yeah... Sydney is more famous for Law, Medicine and such, while Macquarie is more maths and accouting and acturial... I'm tossing up between the two for Science, also. My teacher's advice is that the specialised courses in Macquarie are better, but as for a general Science, Sydney is better. So...
  13. powcy

    low uai can i still go to UNI..

    There are alternate certifications and achievements which can compensate for a low UAI. TAFE diplomas, for instance. There are also such thing as Non-Awards, which allows you to do a subject within a uni course without actually getting into a course. If you do well enough in them they can...
  14. powcy

    How far can course cutoffs fluctuate/?

    To Chris, don't worry. Your chances are great. According to a friend who works at uni-admin, some courses lower their marks by more than 2 or 3 UAI points, but that is SOLELY based upon demand, of course. I'm keeping my fingers crossed to be accepted into BSc (Adv), which had a cut-off of 96.40...
  15. powcy

    Teachers and their reactioons to HSC/UAI

    Well, we have one coming up in February... teachers thought it'd be amusing to find out about our uni offers along the way, too. Though I have a feeling that there'll be a few absentees... I know quite a few people who are disappointed and probably can't get into uni with their UAIs. As for me...