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  • hey! total rejection is rightfully mine ;) Lmaao, a little slow hunn. I noticed that straight away hahaa
    yes, whatsapp. But i mentioned, reply after work ;) so therefore I was right. Lmaaao, "centre of rejection" ;) Loved it! hahaa. silly girl, change youur avatar to the photo we uploaded as your dp over my phone :)
    haha, ahh i see. Depending on zee weather and if the rest of the girlies are walking..we'll see. Check you're phone yeah..after work. <3
    how could youu forget? :O lmaao, i am sitting next to youu in science bahaaa ;) Are youu walking home tmrw?
    Hahaha, i told youu to be nicer ;)
    Yes, its too our RC thing ;) hahaa, what are youu my lovely up to now?
    BOS seriously needs a like button. yeeah hard, wtf food colouring...now her hair's gone organge, pink & blonde all at the same time. Yess i did like it ;) <3 gorgeous as always <3
    I know you're always on facebook but i mean posties on all wall, thaanks ;)
    Are youu srs? omggg, we have exams in less then two freaking weeks, we gotta study are butts off ;) Yes we need a tan before formal, totees <3
    That may be true but that stress has an outcome of moneeyy :)
    p-leeeaase ;) Best quotation ever ! <3
    you mean put? haha.
    eeell-ohh-vee-ee ;) yes! volim te.. come school tomorrow yeeah, don't dogg us anymore.
    Faar 5 days without youur gossip-ing it's so...shocking ;) hahaa, xoxo <3
    lmaaaoo yes loveey! best hair pffft.. she wishes ;)
    Awee rain's alright and all but i prefer the sun thaanks ;)
    Go on to facebook youu know ;) have youu started studying for our lovely exams?
    At least youur earning money, i want a job :L
    youu wish that were true ;) haha, naaaww <3 I'm great thaanks beautiful but faar tht girl (whos name should not be spoken of) is so annoying.. lmaao. Hows youur day my loveey? <3 mwaa
    yeah hard! haha, it would make life easier..well for us anyway, because we'd be constantly borrowing other people's laptops ;) figured out how to use bored of studies (BOS) yet? :) are we considering of studying for maths exam tmrw at recess? mwa! <3
    hahaa, of course you'll get used to it...i'll teach youu ;) daam it, why is it blocked, ahahdhhdjsbsj ;) <3
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