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    HSC English Standard/Advanced Paper 1 Predictions/Thoughts

    essay question was alright. The unseen was ok but a bit hard to find techniques for some of them
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    'the role of form and media'

    yeah its mod a, tempest and hag seed. that makes sense cheers
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    'the role of form and media'

    came across a question that goes as follows: 'Composers select a specific form and media for their texts in order to convey their message about the world Critically evaluate the role of form and media in shaping the composer's message with a close comparison of your pair of prescribed texts'...
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    Any other websites like THSC for past trial papers?

    I've tried the alternative xyz website or whatever it is. Done all the papers there, I'm trying to go on THSC but it's not letting me access the papers.
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    Mod B - can someone please explain to me what this quote means?

    The question is: "An understanding of the value of integrity and interconnectedness can be revealed through the text’s form and language." From the context of your critical study, to what extent does this view accord with your interpretation of selected poems by TS Eliot? have literally no...
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    Need help with financial maths question

    Hey guys, can someone explain how to do Q17? Cheers
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    Can someone explain to me how to do this probablily question

    sorry forgot to say, its question 3
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    what site could i find the 2019 trial questions for rainbows end

    so far ive only found the 2019 one on nesa. any other sites?
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    How many past papers is enough to do before trials?

    I've done 3 so far and there's 2and a half weeks left