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  • lol i actually know who you are irl, but i dont think you know me.
    if it explains anything, i go to nsg and sit on amy's maths table...
    Now, THAT'S a skill. :)
    Albeit not a useful one, it's still a skill. :p
    Synchronisation is practically perfect.

    I want my friends and I to all learn it so we can dance it in public and scare people. =D
    But no-one seems willing, I think I can see why. HAHA. :]
    Well I have now.

    Silly you, you've mistaken Wonder Girls for Girls Generation. =P
    LOL thanks for the rep. ^.^

    Argh, I still don't get the status quo around here, am I even meant to thank you for it? ><"
    Or even respond?

    I fail at forums it seems, HAHA. :)
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