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  • Wow. My 'friend' was 14 and she was gonna have a kid lmfao.
    Oh yeah, your sig? YOU HAS A BABY? 8D?
    Lawlz I got 35/95 for maths at tutor! HOW EMBARRASSING.
    If you can handle 3u maths, you can get band 6 for chem =]
    LAWLZ well you should see area. There used to be fights every week. I wonder what happened to that ritual? And like everyone's pregnant.
    Hahaha I used to bum at Parra after school every week. Met the most randomest people ever!
    Well our teacher is... yeh...
    I didn't do much last night cause I left my USB at school lawl.
    I shall do some vigorous study riiiight NOW.
    She's probably a motherfking moderator.
    I've never been to CTown. I was going to go there, but I chose Emu Plains. (I wanted to go to the end of the line of Cityrail, BUT THEY EXTENDED IT FUUU-)

    Acidic environment? Our Chem class is going to fail....

    Alright, I'll add more to my speech while you do yur h/w nowz. =P
    G'nights =]
    LOL I love how she calls you by your username <3.
    AHAHHA ok I just read your second sentence LMFAO
    WTF's CTown? Chinatown? Campbelltown? Cabramatta town?
    ZOMG YES I NEED A STUDY THINGO. The only thing that motivates me is people.

    Where are you guys up to in Chem?
    You're going backwards for Biology.. We're doing Maintaining a Balance. It's a total bore. I can't wait to do Search for a better Health, that should be interesting. I like health stuff, I want to do a Nutrition course, but it's like 97 for USYD so that's off my reach lol.
    Teach me how to 'shine'. Do you just practise, practise, practise? Or is it like natural >.>

    Where's your 'area'? Near the city?
    I go to classroom style ones. Chem, Phys, Maths. Lmao. They're not working.
    HAHA I think that's what happened with me, I was no competition for bio.
    Well go beat him next test. Do it. Now.
    What topic are you on?

    HAHAH I go to Matrix. Well I'm going to quit cause it's too stressful. Maybe.
    Do you do any tutoring?

    I'm doing a Physics assignment right now. It's currently sucking balls.
    Practise test? Like past papers? Do you like exam yourself?
    That's a good mark for bio =] I got like 90 and 95%. Ours was a speech and a prac report on all the effects on enzyme. But I think I took this subject more seriously cause I did shit last year. =/ Actually I did shit for all my subjects. I added up all my school marks and shoved it on an ATAR calculator and I got a frickin estimate of 75..LMFAO.
    What model did you do? Apparently we have to do one for Blueprint of Life (DNA stuff). I'm going to fail because I'm not artistic ='[ and the people in my class are really into assignments. I just want tests only...

    What's the ATAR cut off for MBBS?
    At what Uni?
    Uhh well I'm sorta on the border of failing MX1. Maybe you can help me... lmfao, along with Adv Eng. I only chose SDD because I had a 'gap' in my timetable. Then I grew to like it. It sucks cause I don't really have background knowledge about computers and the guys do =/. But I topped it with a really disgusting mark because those guys don't care about their marks as much as I do I guess. I got my mark for my bio assignment and it was ok =D. But I think someone got higher than me because apparently it was handed out in order ='[ and I got mine 2nd..
    Did you get any marks back?

    HAHAHAH LITTLE BROTHERS?!!? That's so cool! I love little kids!

    What course do you want to get into?
    Can you link me to the threads with posts that you think are deleted? I'll tell you if they were deleted (by a moderator) or have disappeared if you would like
    In latest reputation received? I don't have any colours

    haha, next time i'll make sure I put it in flashing lights :)
    there's a message on here that i will never be able to read but i still have a notification for it after several months :/
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