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    Union Board Election 2010

    what happened to wentworth level 4 :confused:
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    Semester 1 Chatter Thread (2010)

    yeees please vanush. :uhhuh:
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    MyZone - New public transport ticketing

    Looks like I win. Save $12 per week.
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    "In real life, as opposed to novels, it's the worst women get the best men"

    yeeah!! the worst women use evil magic and sorcery to trap the best guys!! :o:o . But seriously, how can they be the "best guys" if they go out with the worst women? Maybe thats a false judgement on the guys. The "best" guy could be right in front of you, and you may just not notice :shy:
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    Interracial relationships

    I know an indian/italian who is super hoootttt :D Apart from that meh, don't know about the smell but I never really notice any indians lol.
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    Interracial relationships

    Why the bagging out of indians? I'm half Filo/Greek, and all my relationships have been half asian-half whites. The hottest combination imo :rofl:
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    What to do with $50 Co-Op bookshop vouchers

    how much do u want to sell for :)
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    maths assignment?

    is the maths assignment posted on eLearning? or do we get it in tutorials or something?
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    econ1001 online quiz!!

    I have no explanation but is 7 c? honestly why is this so hard :\
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    econ1001 online quiz!!

    i got 2c, but i thought 3 was b :( but how can 3 be e, i.e. both a & c? isnt the opportunity cost of selling for $120,000 forgoing $10,000 and not $130,000??
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    econ1001 online quiz!!

    I got 17 c as well What's Q 2 & 3 :\ Is it just me or are those questions ridiculous.
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    econ1001 online quiz!!

    Shaare your answers with meee ;)
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    econ1001 online quiz!!

    6 = b?