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Recent content by Sarah J

  1. Sarah J

    Who's from the Hills?

    Omg. I haven't been on this site in so many years (i'm so friggen OLD!) but all these old thread still get sent to my inbox. Yes. I'm pretty sure it was. It was so long ago and my mind has grown weak with age.
  2. Sarah J

    Regional Entry Test (RET)

    I was thinking about doing the RET test last year, but then I read you couldn't defer so I didn't bother. Is it true that if your RET score isn't higher than your UAI then it doesn't count? Cos that's what I was told and it was another reason why I couldn't be arsed doing it.
  3. Sarah J

    harry potter

    Nah, it's because of Dumbledore's weapons of mass seduction.
  4. Sarah J

    Harry Potter # 5!!!!

    Well, I was pretty disappointed with it- basically, nothing happened. At all. It ended the same way the 4th book ended- Voldemort's back, there's gonna be a war. And it was mean to kill that person off. But the Weasley twins were hillarious, and Ginny's grown up so much! Lol. How much...
  5. Sarah J

    Harry Potter # 5!!!!

    I know. So exciting! I've pre-ordered it from Grace Bros, and because I'm working the day it comes out, my friend is getting there at exactly 9am to buy it for each of us with my staff discount. I wish they'd give me a proper figure for the price, but they don't even know themselves!
  6. Sarah J

    Harry Potter # 5!!!!

    Err... I doubt it. And June 21st is a Saturday. And I'm working all day :( Plus, it's also the Civic Video sale, so I have lots to save up for on that day.
  7. Sarah J

    Anyone here wanna be a rapper or a singer?

    Excuse my ignorance, but what's bboxing?
  8. Sarah J

    Steve Urwin

    Poor koala. It's already stoned from the eucalypts it eats all day, and now you wanna make it drunk?! And American tourists bug me. You can spot them a mile off, with their video camera, digital camera, normal camera and binoculars (wtf?!) all hanging on their necks. And their bum bags. And...
  9. Sarah J

    i know its prob been asked before BUT... any buffy fans?

    Hahahaha!!!!! I loved that scene! Hell, I loved it all. I regret not having taped it, cos it was just so good! Anya: Why can't you just maturbate like normal people?
  10. Sarah J

    i know its prob been asked before BUT... any buffy fans?

    Last night's ep was so funny! Andrew's opening scene had me in stitches, and it had my brother yelling out to me to shut up. lol. It was just hillarious though. And how he has a crush on Xander. hehehe.:D
  11. Sarah J


    Yeah. Talk about the biases of ancient writers. They don't "adequately describe the management of the Roman Empire under Claudius" because they tend to only look at the negative. Tacitus was largely critical of the whole Julio-Claudian line and Suetonius was mainly a gossip. Use modern sources...
  12. Sarah J

    What are your top 10 songs of all time?

    Silence, Delerium Sweet Dreams, Eurythmics (I think) Like I love you, Justin Timberlake (lol) Rockstar, NERD Next Episode, Dr Dre and Snoop Dogg I'm all outa love, Air Supply You're so Vain, Carly Simon (I think) That's only 7, isn't it? well, not counting all the songs from my fave...
  13. Sarah J

    i know its prob been asked before BUT... any buffy fans?

    How funny is Andrew?! He's replaced Anya, who replaced Xander, as the funniest person on the show. lol. Cracks me up: "I prefer 'guest-age'." :D :D :D :D :D
  14. Sarah J

    Fave author?

    I like Isobelle Carmody's stuff, but she's too damn slow at getting the books out. Damn her! Though I guess I should have learnt by now not to start a series that hasn't got a conclusion yet....
  15. Sarah J

    hey whats books did people read as a child????

    The Babysitter's club was the main one for me. The rest were really filler-in-erers until the next BSC book came out. I had everything- the board game, the mysteries, the supermysteries.. even the Babysitter's Club Guide For Babysitting. So, so sad. I read a few of the teen power books...