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    Values in KL

    I'm almost 100% positive that values is the same as themes. In other subjects themes n values r the same as well...hope i helped!
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    What are you currently Reading?

    i am currently reading Bryce Courtenay's - The Power of One and then i will move onto the sequel Tandia...lookin forward to sum big reading!
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    Saving Francesca by Melina Marchetta

    i read SF like a yr ago wen my eng teacher suggested we read it for related material for our prelim course...and i did and i enjoyed it heaps. i havent read LFA so i feel so deprived right now n wen i read LFA i guess i can compare the two...i love wil tromball. My ex was taught by Marchetta...
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    irish theatre

    thanku! :)
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    P&o Pacific Sun Schoolies Cruise 2004

    im goin on the 2nd schoolies cruise from 8-17...really looking 4ward to it!! ive herd heaps of good things n also bad things but hey that happens wit anything! it doesnt really bother me bout da ship changin to pacific sun as long as ive finished school, on a cruise n havin a good time wit my...
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    '04 Individual Projects - What Are you doin?

    im doin performance and im takin extracts from "The Shoehorn Sonata". Anyone else herd of dat play? i think im goin ok with logbook n stuff ... my teacher has been giving me great tips (thank god). I've always wanted to do this play as my HSC performance since i saw sumone do it a...
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    fav game, memory,moment...WHATEVER!!! come on guys...cheer up!!

    My passion evolved when i was in year one...about 6/7 years of age at the time...we were puttin on a little play for our parents to the song "We are Australian". I was the little horse person/farmer. i came out on stage so confident n so adrenalin filled with my cowboy hat n my fake...
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    irish theatre

    hey... atm my class is studyin irish theatre and im certain that it will be a major topic on half yearlys and trials...if anyone has any info on irish theatre, websites, etc. plz let me know as it would help a great deal! btw the irish plays we r studyin r - "Dancing at Lughnasa" -...
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    Help: Groups in Context

    ive done aged n aboriginal and torres strait islanders too ... i hav da same assesment cept im doin youth ... ive got ok info but i need more notes/info on: - power within the group (youth) and community - societal attitudes towards the group (youth) - conflict b/w group (youth) and...
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    I.R.P. Home

    Congrats on finishing! my question for my irp is - "Are the laws and regulations, for parenting and adopting, different for homosexuals and heterosexuals?" Kinda hard cos it covers two parts of the syllabus but im workin thru it! Mine is worth 20% So far i've written a pilot survey and...
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    thanks for the site but it didnt work...i think it has stopped running. can u suggest anymore helpful sites? ta ;)
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    Rank and Mark

    i was ranked 3rd and got 88.4%
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    media studies 2u religion PLZ help!!

    I am doing a media assessment as well and this info is VERY helpful! thanks a lot
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    Onstage 2004

    hey dudez... i went to Onstage and saw Program B. The standout performance was without a doubt "Nutcase" was sooooo good n so funny!!! kept me entertained the whole time. I also liked "The Peacock" that was pretty good too!! I thought all the others were pretty average compared...
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    indiviual performance

    remember a character you liked from previous readings n base it round them ... but overplay the serious as it mite not work ... good luck!!