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Recent content by sheknows

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    Boost Juice

    really, what a coincidence eh?
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    Boost Juice

    So the interview went well, they said they'd call me on monday to set up a trial - it was basically implied i'd got the job. No call on monday, so I gave her a ring and she said she meant Tuesday since it was a public holiday. Got the call on Tuesday, she said it was really hectic and would...
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    Boost Juice

    I got an interview at the Boost Juice in chatswood on saturday :D
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    CATC anyone?

    Does anyone go to CATC or been? I'm just wondering if its a good school or not. edit // thanks for all....................... your help lol. Applied already, so dont worry.
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    Boost Juice

    which boost did u apply at?
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    work experience

    i did mine at channel ten
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    Coles Myer Employment Process

    omigosh stanhope kmart is the one im applying for even though i know its waaaayyy too late. But applying anyway...
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    Stanhope Gardens - new shopping centre

    ooh so there were already applications for it? haha oh well.. i'll still apply for a laugh
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    Stanhope Gardens - new shopping centre

    ooh yeh, im applying for the kmart too at stanhope.
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    Billy Blue School of Graphic Arts

    i think i'll take my chances.. and still apply. but going for the july enrolement so i can take 6 months off. anyone else applying for july?