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  • ahah dw bro hope we both get it. I finished season 2 of suits today. Now i feel the urge to study physics (its almost 12)
    wake up tomorrow and shall do it. Will feel pretty shit if I get less than 85. no commerce :(
    deactivated at 1:40 when I realised I couldn't control it haha.
    BTW, strong troll with "only 39/70 for 3u". inb4 96+ 3u mark.
    only for the last question. I have a pretty shit memory, don't remember any of my answers. shizzz 3u tomorrow. lucky its 1 unit. probably get like 90 max.
    ohh right. policies essay was good for me :)
    but meh, just glad hsc is almost over. only 2 for tests.
    ahhhhh the dreaded physics.
    (I shall get fb back the day after phy finishes)
    LOL this guy. inb4 state rank for 2u.
    It was okay, how was eco + 2u?
    I don't think 3u will count into my atar lol, so doesn't matter.
    I'm still feeling shiz about that BOP essay. can't believe I fucked it up when I could ev gotten around 17 or 18/20 for that :(
    I was expecting some challenging shiz considering last year's fairly easy test. But yeah. MC + S ans were good. Did Q28 (fml, everyone memorised case study- fkk) So I just did macro/micro policies- no point competing with memorised case study essays.

    Fkt up BOP essay, but rest were good. howd you go?
    m8 english literally raped my atar. But yeah need 94 ish for comm at USYD.
    (not really sure what I want to do though)
    Think I'll be lucky to get a band 4 in eng.
    Only hope is 3u, 2u and eco I recon.
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