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    Someone has kidnapped BOS English Exam writers.

    Easy exams aren't really a good thing. It means there is far more competition for Band 6s. Average kids are now in contention for them, and will get a band 6 even if they aren't really band 6 quality. Perhaps the markers will be a bit more harsh, I dunno. But everytime I sat an easy exam, it...
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    wireless networks..

    UWS wireless is free, brilliant and reliable. You get incredible speeds.
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    spring session exam timetable out

    3 exams, all on 3 consecutive Mondays. The good news is that it'll give me plenty of time to study for each subject. The bad news is I officially start my holidays pretty damn late!
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    UTS or UWS?

    Which would be better career wise? Doesn't matter. Graduate with high honours and it doesn't matter what Uni you went to. Which is better socially? I can't speak for UTS, but whoever said UWS has no social scene is being ignorant. You have classes with people just as at any other University...
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    a question

    I got all Band 5's for my HSC, some high, some low and my UAI was 82.25. If you average a band 5 you'll get 80 easily I'd say.
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    Keep studying, no matter how unmotivated you feel. You'll regret it a couple of hours before the exa if you don't study now, trust me.
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    Student Number and Centre Number

    The person supervising the exam instructs you when to write your numbers, and this time is before the reading time, and before the exam starts. You simply put your numbers where there are boxes for it. So make sure you always arrive on time for your exams, you don't want to miss this. It does...
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    HSC markers

    This is true. Learn from my mistakes. Do NOT go into the exam with one story and one story only in mind. Unless you're lucky, it 'aint gonna work out.
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    HSC markers

    Only 6? 6 out of how many students? Tens of thousands? I'd say he's got a pretty good shot of going unnoticed. His and his mate's idea is hardly a new one.
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    HSC markers

    Scare tactics. Contrary to popular belief, markers won't remember every single word and sentence from the thousands of essays they read and mark. And presuming that most people are on the right sort of track with their essay, a lot of the ideas expressed will be similar, and there are bound...
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    Exam thoughts

    You'll be fine. It'll be over before you know it. The feeling you get when you put your pen down on the last exam is indescribable. Relish it.
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    Which pen for essay type subjects

    When it comes to pens in exams, quantity, not quality! Go down to Big W and buy a 50 pack of bic pens. Cheap, and reliable. Sure you'll look like a bit of a dickhead having pens all over your desk, but you'll be the one laughing when someone runs out of ink with their inspector-gadget-super-pen.
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    HSC markers

    Honestly, you'll be fine. You'll be one unlucky son of a bitch if one marker does happen to mark the same bundles as your friends and yours...They have thousands of markers there. And besides, teachers read the same forumlatic crap all the time while marking creative writing, if they did read...
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    Wat to do, 3hours before exam?

    Honestly...That listening to music, relax stuff...It's crap. You will be nervous before your exam no matter what you do. My advice is to just cram, cram and cram. You never know, you may spot a little bit of information in your cramming that turns out to be valuable. That's how it worked for me...
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    Help I'm Sick

    Just type notes out on your computer, don't have to memorise them or anything. And when you're better, read over the notes. You may be sick, but surely you have enough strength in your fingers to type out some notes. Hell, you had enough strength to type out that post.