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  • wow that is amazing! especially maths 2! that was the hardest for me as i am not brilliant at math but it was probably a good idea i took it as an architecture major. i'm sure you'll have a great chance at getting in almost anywhere with that score! where did you apply to/have you heard back from anywhere yet?
    I got 2250 all up (CR 800, M 670, W 780) and in my IIs Lit 800, US History 780, Math II 710 :) did you take them? how'd you go?
    hey, thanks a lot for the positive rep. i feel stupid venting everything from school on here so its very nice to see someone agrees. we all need someone to back us up :)
    Thanks very much for the physics help, I'll rep you a few more times when I can.
    The LAN party may not be as ogranised as others, but it's catering to the need of a niche market...
    omg ye. he was part of that too! geeezzz, ur like exact copy of him in terms of involvement!

    He was quite smart too ye. I think he is part of ADFA now, well deserved. He really liked science...I remember him getting prize awards for science at school...he ended up getting like 97.4 UAI =)
    OHHH YESS! OF COURSE! He was like the most popular dude at my school. He was involved in like EVERYTHING like u mate =) (distinction course, usyd course, acceleration, and like everything including cadet, vice captain ommmg).

    But ur way smarter than him =)

    how do u know him?
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