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    Study at McGill University in Canada

    Quite honestly, the worst thing I've found about college in NA has been the weather...
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    Applying for MIT

    Harvard's SEAS is nowhere near comparable to MIT. Having interacted with students at both, if you want to do science/engineering, and don't mind working incredibly hard, go to MIT.
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    Irrespective if you can't apply both every day in your job, you should do it if you have a strong interest in both. I know a ton of engineers who went on to do law in grad school, and they particularly enjoyed it due to the similar problem solving/logic processes in both. Most of them never...
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    Would I be able to do my masters for commerce at Harvard with good grades?

    For graduate work, all they care about is grades + potential. So yeah, but funding for masters students is typically very limited, so company sponsorship is the best idea e.g. the RAAF sponsors some people to go to Harvard etc.
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    English Extension 2

    You need to make your story a literary exploration of something, not just a story you wanted to write. Find something to explore.
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    how to convert GPA

    If you're going by the percentage of people who achieve each of those levels, this is false. If you're going by the effort required to achieve each grade, this is also false. UNSW has a really good conversion guide. https://my.unsw.edu.au/student/academiclife/assessment/gumleaf_diagram.html
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    Thoughts on Exchange Uni's to the United States

    Miami should be your first choice. Then SFSU, then Cal State and finally SUNY.
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    Double degree V.S Singe degrees

    Your electives tend to be the specialised work that can help you get specific graduate jobs. I wouldn't consider them useless at all.
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    Career oppurtunities for bachelor of science?

    You aren't just limited to science focused careers - I know several people who are working for McKinsey, BCG etc. with B.S. degrees.
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    Do you get ranked in uni just like highschool?

    Varies from university to university. We get ranked, and it's used to determine academic honours, as only the top 5% get summa cum laude etc.
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    Bachelor of science

    Opportunities for Science grads are plentiful - you just have to be prepared to not get your ideal job straight after graduation. Everyone I know with a B.S. or a B.A. in a science subject is doing fine. With research, if you're prepared to go overseas, you won't find it hard to get funding...
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    are you confident that you can get a job with your degree

    Considering I go to a liberal arts institution, and everyone I know who is graduating this year with a BA or a BS has a job/has an offer from a grad school, I really don't think anyone shouldn't be confident about getting a job with those degrees.
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    Any point to getting high marks?

    That doesn't really mean much. Just try and do well in your courses - with so few people, getting to know lecturers should be easy.
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    Any point to getting high marks?

    Go for Class 1 Honours. I really don't see where that degree will take you other than grad school, and even if you found alternatives, you'd want to keep that option open.
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    Any point to getting high marks?

    Everyone I've seen with perfect or near-perfect GPAs get jobs without too much difficulty. Also, as long as you have some research experience, getting high grades lets you walk into any grad program you want. In science, do honours, get above certain wam, and it's not too hard to get into phd...