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Recent content by simDS

  1. simDS

    chem quesiton

  2. simDS

    chem quesiton

    the balanced equation is 2Al + 3H2SO4 --> Al2(SO4)3 + 3H2 how much Aluminum Sulfate can be produced from 10g of aluminum (unlimited H2SO4)? how much aluminum sulfate can be produced from 10g of aluminum when only 0.3 mol H2SO4 is present? thanksss
  3. simDS

    chem question

    how did uget the h2o?
  4. simDS

    chem question

    can someone please do this question ... whats the equation?? Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) oxidised to Oxygen thanks...:D
  5. simDS

    where did the C come from..,,

    oh alright then.. .. thanks for the help...
  6. simDS

    where did the C come from..,,

    By chemical means originally and subsequently by other means, it has been found that the relative atomic masses are: Zn 65.37 and S 32.06. [The basis of the scale is that 12C is 12]. hey.. i just want to know wth 12C is ... btw... i have no chemistry knowledge.. lol...
  7. simDS

    Joke time!!!!

    lol why did the leb cross the road? to beat up the chiken. why did 40 lebs cross the road? the chicken was winning
  8. simDS

    how many related texts for distinctive voices?

    our teacher said to prepare two
  9. simDS

    General Thoughts: IPT

    lol i wrote about tagging and shocking wild animals of they get close to house/people.
  10. simDS

    IPT: Multiple choice

    i think 14 is A
  11. simDS

    help! AFI - food retail

    can someone please help with this question. using 2 examples, explain how the food retail sector contributes the Aust. economy
  12. simDS

    Atar estimate please.

    does it matter that i got mainly in the 60's
  13. simDS

    Atar estimate please.

    hey, can someone please estimate my Atar mark.. standard english - 32/98 2U maths - 39/73 IPT - 2/11 Food Tech - 3/8 Biology- 2/56 thanks... btw.. school rank - 193
  14. simDS

    All you want to know about the Educational Access Scheme (EAS).

    hey would my case (serious illness to family member) be taken seriously? would i be likely to have my case accepted? it happened at the beginning of this year btw + financial problems?
  15. simDS


    <DIR>hi... hey can anyone solve this:bomb:... thanks....:confused::confused: The point P(x,y) moves so that its distsnce PA from the point A(1,5) is always twice its distance PB from the point B(4,-1). show tjat the equation of the locus is x^2 + y^2 - 10x + 6y + 14 =0 </DIR>