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Recent content by smalec

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    What Band?

    wow, all ur assessment marks are so high. in my class our highest for the trial was about 81% i think, and it was about 78% 4 the report... mind u we have very intelligent people in my class, who get over 90 in other subjects, but to us 80% in a legal assess was a 'very good' mark??? i was...
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    geography excel guide

    yeah, i agree that its pretty shit house...i wouldn't waste any money on it. the pages and pages of excercises are crap simply because i can't b bothered doing them, and that's all that the book really offers, apart from a few VERY general summaries... i bought the excel guide, coz my teacher...
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    my section 3 doesn't make sense

    lol, what a classic... in the creative writing section i said that i lived in a caravan, but then at the top of my letter i wrote an address something along the lines of: 72 Palmville Rd, North Sydney.... hmmmm...but what can you do?
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    catholic trials results

    my school's average was somewhere in the 40's...nothing compared to the kind of marks we've been getting in assessments throughout the year (which have been A LOT higher). i didn't even pass...and those that did were told they did well. the highest was 71%, which i thought was a shocker at...
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    well here's something new for u guys.... we r doing dairy farming at my school 4 people and economic activity...not viticulture, not tourism not feedlots or whatever...but yes...cows... after the trials we r going on an excursion to a fuckin cow farm...im excited!!! how...
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    geo catholic trial

    hey....so what did u guys think?? not too bad i thought, excpet for the fact that i have shit time management skills and have definitely stuffed up some of the essays coz i wrote 2 in 40mins....hmmmm, u'd think i would've learned by now... but... thats the trials finished....now for the...
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    general catholic trial

    funnily enough i got 1/3 for sven aswell... the maths co-ordinator dude at my school said that it was a difficult exam...i'm glad i wasn't the only one that thought so...i never saw Q 28, but...shit happens... better luck next time....the FINAL time!!
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    general catholic trial

    so...what did u guys think?? i thought it was pretty shit...the questions were so wordy...and a lot of the multiple choice questions took too long to figure out...1 1/2 mins per question..yeah right...or maybe i'm just really slow...?? and what was the deal with that smiggins hole and south...