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    Political Party Membership

    Oh please, this isn't the first time we've this kind of issue and it certainly won't be the last. Don't you know about the 17% interest rates under Hawke and Keating? They practically eviscerated the first home-buying market. I get young people's gripe with high property prices but let's look...
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    Political Party Membership

    I should probably rename this thread to BoS Political Debates xD
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    How do I succeed in these subjects?

    It's all syllabus-based, not from the textbook. They can use pretty much all the parts of the syllabus to phrase a question, whether it be multiple choice, short answer or an extended response. Of course, some parts lend themselves more to particular styles of questions. The reason I say not to...
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    Political Party Membership

    Don't get me wrong. I didn't mean to imply that you are hypocritical. Rather, I was suggesting that despite left-wing rhetoric, many on the Left are hypocritical as evidenced by their actions, not necessarily my assumptions. Well just saying that it isn't true doesn't make it so. The fact of...
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    Political Party Membership

    Not necessarily. You'd be amazed at how 'moderate' the moderates actually *are* in the party; they're practically Fraserist.
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    Political Party Membership

    You criticise the dichotomy of the traditional Libs vs Labor standard and then go on to typecast my party viewpoint as that of the whole right; I'd call that hypocritical. And I do call criticising the Libs while giving the ALP a free pass as hypocrisy by the way, since invariably Labor always...
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    Political Party Membership

    Are you joking? Gough was an absolute disaster, our fabled Mr. 17% inflation. I think Hawkey was probably the best. Keating was an exceptional Treasurer but a very poor PM IMO, too much acquiescence to the new left there. You do know that the ALP are just as cosy with big banks and old money...
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    What are you currently Reading?

    Coolidge, by Amity Shlaes.
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    Paragraph Structures

    Statement Technique Example Effect Link But in all honesty this was just a guide. Sometimes it's better to mix it up a bit for a more effective sentence structure and better flow. Use your best judgement.
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    How necessary is attending lectures?

    It would be unwise to regularly miss your lectures. Not only does it create an attitude of laziness, but it will just make your studies that much harder.
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    Study tips please!!!

    Don't waste your time in Years 9 and 10. It's admirable that you want to study ahead but you run a real risk of burning out if you try too hard, too early. Only do as well as you need to; enough to get the prerequisites for your courses in senior school. However, that being said, this is the...
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    Political Party Membership

    "Put your savings in the bank and they would nationalise banks. Put your savings in your socks and they would nationalise socks." - Margaret Thatcher.
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    Political Party Membership

    Young Liberals FTW! Just spent a whole day on the campaign trail for the local MP.
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    How much can a 25% weighting assessment task affect you?

    Well they don't base it off raw marks. If they did, schools which give out marks or set easy tasks willy-nilly would unfairly advantage their students. I recommend reading this article, it explains it well.
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    Half yearly exams!

    OP, when you say these scores were not necessarily 'true reflections', do you mean that the assessments themselves were easier than an ordinary, run-of-the-mill HSC exam? Because if this is the case, you might be got a tad off-guard with the half-yearlies because trust me, it's a totally...