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    Recommend me a temporary Arts major!

    I think it's best if you ring or go and talk to the Arts department to make sure you get all the *correct* information. But if this is your second year, then I assume that the 24 of the first year's subjects you did last year will be probably credited, so you have 24 UOC left for your majors...
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    Recommend me a temporary Arts major!

    I am assuming that you've already done 4 first year subjects already, since you said you are doing mid-year transfer. If so, I don't think you should do 24 UOC of first year subjects again in the second semester. This is because when my friend wanted to drop one of her 2nd year subjects and do...
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    a few questions, if u have time!

    Why did you start Learning Japanese? I want to be a teacher and since Japanese culture interested me and I liked the sound of the language, I decided to learn it. when did u start learning? Last year (2005) at uni. how well do u think your Japanese is? Average for my level and time I...
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    japanese students 2006 [+korean]

    Oh yeah, I complete forgot about the kanji circling and triangling stuff, that was so useless... Wtf was that good for anyhow, something you should do by yourself anyhow, since it's assumed knowledge. Yeah she did spend way too long on the kanji. Yeah, she didn't elaborate on the node...
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    japanese students 2006 [+korean]

    Yeah I know :S, I wish she went through the grammar stuff rather than doing pair-work most of the time. I wish we had Akahane-sensei or Fukui-sensei, they both went into detail about the grammar in tuts, which helped alot. Pair-work is good, but I thought the bigger classes dealt with more...
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    japanese students 2006 [+korean]

    Yeah Nakamura sensei is that and what bubz said lol. Btw, were you in the class where she said "don't have your mobile on in class or I will be jealous" speech :rofl: after someone's mobile rang? Sorry, I should have said part of an assessment task due the sakubun draft. Couple of people I...
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    Language Placement Test Dilema.

    There are no tutorials or seminars for Japanese 1A for the first week, so you don't need to go anyhow.
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    japanese students 2006 [+korean]

    Hey babydoll-sshi, actually I came and spoke to the person who was sitting next to you and we exchanged names ^^. How weird, I only spoke to 2 people I didn't know before and you were one of them ^^. Yeah, he is a bit lol, especially with ung and okayyy lol. Japanese seems hard for me as well...
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    japanese students 2006 [+korean]

    Lucky! My hangul is so bad :(. As for Japanese honours, I wanted to do it too before, but they are too restrictive in their conditions to do it. Most courses I know of in Arts to do honours, you only have to do have a credit average. But for Japanese they want that plus distinction average in...
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    japanese students 2006 [+korean]

    Yeah, my friend did Korean 1A last year and had a Korean lecturer, and they didn't have dictation every week either. They were lucky because Gregory Evon was on leave last year for the first semester. I don't know how they would be assessing us this year since the language depts like to...
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    japanese students 2006 [+korean]

    I'm doing Japanese 2A and 2B and most probably Korean 1A and 1B depending on how I go with the placement test. I heard that Japanese level 3 has a heavy work load, with lots of tasks that's worth very little. My friends recommended to get a good partner for group work, because if you are...
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    Which language is easier to learn?

    I did one year of German, three years of French at high school and I've done one year of Japanese and one semester of Indonesian. Out of those languages I would have to say I found Indonesian the easiest language. Since it uses the alphabet and grammar in the beginning levels at least was the...
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    ENROLMENT INVALID for second year indonesian at post year 12 level?

    Which uni? If UNSW then and you have to enrol in INDO1001 (level1 indonesian). After that you sit for a placement test and they enrol/place you in the revelent level. It should be the same with the other unis.
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    2006 Subjects

    Hello :wave:, yay for babydoll for studying Korean :D . I should be in KORE1000 but I have to sit for a placement test. My knowledge is in between KORE1000 and KORE1500 I think :confused: . I see you are doing Japanese too :) but one level higher than me, any helpful hints for JAPN2000/2001...
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    Whats your major?

    Japanese and Linguistics @ UNSW