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  • Yeah, well I haven't done that yet... so it's a bit daunting. But two questions: 1. Why is texting a whole new ballpark? and 2. Why should I not befriend girls?

    And to be honest, I'm not sure why you're helping me - but... hey what the heck. This is a student community. We're all a big family, kinda.
    Oh well treating the girl as a queen was what I did the last time... uhh, I don't do that now. But I'm not exactly sure if I like her or not, so I figure asking her out will kinda help see if we work together or not.

    But yeah, everyone's saying the same things to me which is quite nice. Basically all saying go up to girls, befriend them, be funny and confident and see what eventuates - and to not go all needy and stalkerish on them... and to always ask for their number.

    Shame that I'm only taking this to heart at the end of the damn year <_<

    Ah well.
    anyway this is my last day on bos 4eva

    time 2 move on i think

    + after hsc ill be going out heaps, dont want 2 waste too much time on here anymore

    nice meeting you! shame we cant talk anymore :'(
    uts more like it (shortest degree) can save some time

    especially if i wont be practicing law but using the degree for more political options etc
    he is a very sad child

    i would feel sorry for him if he wasn't such a creep/prick

    he makes it hard though
    He isn't joking

    He really is like that

    He has confirmed many times he is lonely (just check his recent post on my wall)

    and lmao, i'm not afraid of a 5'5 lonely cunt if it was a clean fight
    knowing him, he will bring a hammer, some pills and a condom

    not normal, missing a few links
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