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    Anyone bum out like me??

    If my mark was 0.85 below the cut off for last year, whats the chance that they'll let me in? This is at UNE and SCU. Should I call up and ask for an interview or something? If so, should I ask for one ASAP or after the main round offers?
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    Too late to change subjects?

    anyone else got any ideas? back to school on thursday.
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    Too late to change subjects?

    the thing is I'm also doing physics and business studies, and I need/want to put a lot of time into them as well. aaargh.
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    Too late to change subjects?

    My marks in adv maths havent been too good, between 40 and 60%, ranks also pretty shit. Is it too late to change to gen maths?
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    2004 target UAI

    I need 80, so I shall aim for 85.
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    is music getting worse?

    there is good bands out there, you just gotta look a bit harder. try at the drive-in or the mars volta.
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    all the content is still there though
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    What radio station is #1?

    FBi radio. It's in redfern and plays 50% aussie stuff, and half off that is from sydney.
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    Captains Table (2004 Captains and Vice Captains)

    I'm aidan, and I shot an elephant in my pyjamas. How he got in my pyjamas I have no idea.
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    Number of Units?

    14 adv eng maths geo bus stud physics earth n env visual design basic aero
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    lol i got my ticket for $55 on the thursday night before
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    i know they packed both tents, but there was no room for skanking
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    and SLC should have performed in the big top.
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    didnt the lsp show in the village start out as the borris becker all stars?