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    Bachelor of Cultural Heritage Conservation (954AA) and other things

    Well i dont do the conservation course, but i am doing the basic Cultural Heritage Degree at UC, as this and the conservation degree is quite small, both degrees: everyone knows everyone. Both degrees are very similar, conservation does chemistry and other conservation units. at the moment they...
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    is this a good uni

    UC is small and personal. Hell i love the place, i might not be great at writing essays but my Cultural Heritage Lecturers and Tutors give me as much help as i need, everyone knows nearly everyone. sure ANU calls us 'super TAFE'... but hey, at least we're super!
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    Accommodation Offers?

    yeah CLV is fantasic of being slow! By the sounds of it if you havent heard from them yet well it doesnt look like you got in! BUT do ring and ring and ring and ring! im presently at UV, moved from New Res... uv has a bar fridge ^_^
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    Uc start

    Hey dude, good luck with UC start.. ive had mates who done that and i, myself went through UC CONNECT in 2006 and now oncampus and finally got into my degree that i love (B Cultural Heritage). Now accom... i know what you mean it is hard... only thing i can suggest, theres always posters at...
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    Accommodation Offers?

    Was it with CLV?? :burn:
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    facebook groups 4 Ressies

    hiya guys, hope you're getting excited for starting UC on Res! Now if you havent already got a Facebook Account. GET ONE!!! its very useful remembering new friends, feeling silly from the tagged photos of yourself drunk/passed out/climbing - then falling, etc. Its very useful to be a...
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    Any Ressies here?

    im moving in on wednesday :P
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    Journalism and UC general

    p.s: check out Youtube and type in university of canberra.. and within the results is either real or mock stories done by certain students of the journalism course
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    Journalism and UC general

    its quite a popular course (i did about 6 weeks on 'intro to journalism' unit last year... but i didnt like it. the lecturer i had has had heaps of experience in the journalism fleid and i was pretty impressed. the unit i did was every interesting... they suggest that you read the paper...
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    Anyone do B Laws at UC?

    i dont do that course, but a few of my friends are doing that course or a double degree. from what i can see... some find it hard others find it piss easy and the rest are going ok with it. one of my closest friends (whos doing a double degree) is loving law.. its tests her way of...
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    and then sometimes people will leave during the semester... so yeah. dont worry, i applied late in 2006
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    Any Ressies here?

    cool! another exchange student!! umm.. well Arscott is considered the 'party house' buttt.... since now Arscott is the only res still under the uni.. it could be different. Sure its the furthest res away from the uni.. but its the closesst to the mall, subway and The Lighthouse (bar)! im...
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    Any Ressies here?

    jesus! how did u find me!?!?! well i thought, if im going to be a O Week leader... might as well come on here
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    Any Ressies here?

    now that ive been at the Uni (and res) for a year.. im curious to see if anyone I met there is on BOS and i might have been chatting to them for ages?! p.s, anyone coming to UC next year and going to be on Res??
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    Does God exist?

    an interesting conversation at work brought up this question: "Was Jesus the first christian?" I am the member of the 'no' party. because 'christian' is about worshipping unless jesus loves himself WAY to much...i dont think he was the first one. Anyone else for the 'no' party?