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    Cfs Help

    oi misskitty, can i do the same??? i have so many ppl in my class stressing over how they are going to set out the final irp and i thought maybe if i saw one then i could help out a few ppl. my teacher is new and is a first time marker for our cafs class. plz help me!!!!! thanx
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    Lazy Shits!!

    ok ppl its ooooookkkkkkkkkk!!!! who here is doing gay and lesbian, aged or chronically ill??? if so could you suggest some points i can talk about in an exam essay?
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    Help: Groups in Context

    if its any help to anyone, make sure you go into deapth with the assignment because i got mine back and i did gay and lesbian and...... yeah not good marks. it was a pass though. just go into detail about EVERYTHING and find lots of info!!!!! good luck to you's all
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    Groups in context & research methodology

    i reckon!!!!! this subject is like super hard especially when we need to talk in deapth about EVERYTHING! my teacher has so much expectations on us. ive been studying 2 weeks before my 1/2 yearly exams. they are next week!!!!!!! good luck to anyone with exams cummin up!
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    I.R.P. Home

    hey guys, well its been awhile since sum1 last wrote but if its any better there are 2 ppl in here who are doing theirs on sumthing we can relate to. im doing divorce/separation and how it affects the child/ren. kate d you and me sound like we can kinda help each other out. if you want to then...
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    thats heaps good, thanx for that mellytay. should be on the right track now. oh and hatty, you heaps funny..... not!!!!! lol.
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    physical journeys

    dont think that will work very well. trust me it has crossed my mind although my teachers are like freaks and will look where i got it from.... thanx for the tip!!!!
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    what who is that aimed at???
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    i could do with sum help on witness too. if anyone knows just main important things can u sent me a pm or email...thanx!!!!!
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    Physical Journeys

    hey, i need some texts for a portfolio too luke_j1984 my class has done huckleberry finn. its a pretty good text and there is heaps on the net that explain the whole plot and themes in it. there might be a start for you. i need some texts that relate to physical jorneys, that are not novels...
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    Physical Journey - Written Related Texts

    huckleberry finn is a good one because it relates to cast away as both are featured on the water mostly. i dont know if u'll find anything else they have in common because it was ages ago i saw cast away! it might be useful!!!!
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    Supplementary Texts - Physical

    physical journeys :confused: need some help in finding texts that i can relate to huckleberry finn (physical journey). i need anything other then a novel cause i have exams in a week. someone plz help me!!!!! :)
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    physical journeys

    :( i really need help in finding texts for my exams coming up. i need some texts that can relate to huckleberry finn. can be anything other then a novel..... dont have time to read it before my exams!!!:) someone help me plz!!!!!
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    physical journeys

    ok i am doing physical journeys for my hsc, but i am doing huckleberry finn for our class text. i need some help, anyone know some sites for me to go to?