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    anybody applying for COFA - 2004?

    I know there's a combined art education and design, that was my second choice (but then it went up higher than my first choice)
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    anybody applying for COFA - 2004?

    I'm doing B Design at cofa, it was my first choice
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    How'd You's Go?

    i said that yes, the characters were stereotyped, but that it doesn't weaken the drama. the question was alot more specific than it's been in past years, i was couting on it being quite broad.
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    uai prediction

    oh ok..thankyou
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    How much did you write

    yeah my writing's huge. i wrote 4 5.5 9.5
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    Official Question 2 Thread - Creative Writing

    I didnt understand the relevance of the phone? were you supposed to mention that? or could it be one of the images? I just ignored it.
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    Essay Structure

    I think you can do it either way. My teacher said if you cna link texts by techiniques or points then you should set your essay out like that ie one paragraph per techinique/point discussing all texts as it shows a higher level of sophistication. but if that's too difficult or the texts don't...
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    Question 1

    yeah the first section be concise and to the point. they're not going on length they're seeing if you've fulfilled the requirements. (eg give 2 techniques) but I'm not good at the six mark I'm not sure, I think you're supposed to write a little more, about a page.
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    Creative Writing: Ideas And Techniques

    like in skrzynecki poems, the repeated symbol of the key 1st stanza - "like a well oiled lock" last stanza - "inheritors of key that'll open no house when this one is pulled down"
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    Question on essay lengths

    no way! I go to a selective school and I write 4-5 A4 pages in 40 min (about 800 words at the most) and I'm in the top third of advanced English at my school. I thought I wrote fast! How are you guys doing this? I can't comprehend how it's physically possible!!