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Recent content by sugamama

  1. sugamama

    Romantic Films

    Braveheart The chemistry between Mel Gibson and Catherine McCormack, his first love. It all makes sense when she gives him this thistle at his fathers funeral when hes really young and he keeps it until he sees her again when hes all grown up. Then he gets it on with The Princess (Sophie...
  2. sugamama

    Need some GOOD BARGAINS - Clothes

    Bonds Warehouse in Sydenham :) Cheap and good Aussie stuff :)
  3. sugamama

    The West Wing

    Yeah I really miss the show Stupid Ch 9 !!!! since i Don't have cable But I liked it better when Rob Lowe was in it...this new dude kinda looks too nerdy :)
  4. sugamama

    Thread about E.R.

    Carter has always been the stud of the show well ever since Clooney left :) I like Susan more...shes got the cute look and shes so energetic and charismatic!
  5. sugamama

    UNSW Shanghainese Society!!

    we have a weener
  6. sugamama

    UNSW Shanghainese Society!!

    ahahaha guess where the pic was taken? :)
  7. sugamama

    Jeffery Deaver novels, anyone?

    Deaver rocks! Read every single one! I love the Lincoln Rhyme series! Oh Amelia Sachs! :) I reckon he was the daddy of CSI
  8. sugamama

    Thread about E.R.

    Finally an ER thread!! Yeah I've been watching for a while and I think the Anthony Edwards' seasons were the best. It was super super sad when he died and this was pretty much after he's dad dying too :(. I even d/l that song 'Somewhere over the rainbow..' Everytime I hear it... But...
  9. sugamama

    UNSW Shanghainese Society!!

    sure is :p esp that guy in the middle haha Ok glad to know its becoming a real club :)
  10. sugamama

    UNSW Shanghainese Society!!

    Yeah its a real great song and the lyrics mean a lot too :) So like gettin on topic has the club actually even been Ok'd by CASOC? Someone important post something that gives us more info
  11. sugamama

    UNSW Shanghainese Society!!

    So like can someone give us some details about the club already? Like fees/ideals/meetings/what we do in those meetings/ and i reckon the club should have like a charity/community event at least once a year :) Coldplay Forever!:apig:
  12. sugamama

    qma exam

    COOL!!! SBHS BBQ~~!!! whos paying for it man
  13. sugamama

    Best places to eat at UNSW

    Yeah it's way too expensive to eat there everyday :( And the DIY sandwiches really rock...except the cold meats are really dodgy but look nice. Like I thought one of them was turkey...but it was like devon :( hehe
  14. sugamama

    beating the system

    Approx of how many transfer wannabes ACTUALLY get in % wise?
  15. sugamama

    Comsoc Camp / Cruise

    It was tops A really great night :)