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    Ngo and Sons or Matrix

    If you get Mr Andrew Lam from Ngo&Sons Chemistry, you're set. He's GOATed at teaching, answering your questions and is prepared.
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    Anki ??

    *Brainscape has entered the chat* (iPhone Users) Ever thought... "Why pay $40 for a flashcard app when you can download it for free?" That's not even a question if you stick with Brainscape since it's anki + quizlet :O Try it out, it's got spaced repetition and did a whole user interface change...
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    Anki ??

    Anki, Quizlet, Brainscape, Remnote, etc.
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    Thesis Statement - 1 sentence or 2 sentences?

    Do you mind sending one of these exemplar essays or big no no?
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    Anki ??

    Which platform of flashcards?
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    Anki ??

    I mean, I also take 2hrs in total per weekday in travel time and need something other than podcasts and music, so I just flashcards for Eco and some aspects of Chem
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    Dropping subjects

    If you didn't take Physics seriously but got top 10, then pursue it if you're still hesitant...
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    Thesis Statement - 1 sentence or 2 sentences?

    Stuck between using a 1 sentence thesis or a 2 sentence thesis. Let me explain: 1 sentence Thesis - Pretty much what you think a thesis is; answering questions and integrating question/module keyword words. Bit vague but is very concise. quality > quantity... in a way (no jumping to conclusions...
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    Tips to improve in science?

    Hey, don't worry about it :D In regards to setting it up, I literally just refine my syllabus notes and whatever important information that stands out to me, I make a question for it and do the ctrl c, ctrl v typa thing lol. Like, we have to revise our notes one way or another and opening a...
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    Tips to improve in science?

    Yep, no worries. I didn't mean for it to be criticising lol, my bad :( The only reason I'm leaning towards using flashcards is because I use tuition + online notes and instead of writing up new notes, I just use flashcards for the ROTE-learn aspects and to be integrated in my 1hr-1hr and 30min...
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    Tips to improve in science?

    For chemistry, did you use flashcards? (Ngl if you did, you would have put those mistakes from past papers into flashcards and gone over it to not make same mistake :/)
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    Since I'm leaning towards using AND refining online + tutoring notes and combining them for Chemistry instead of writing my own notes (not entirely laziness but why spent 'grands' on tuition if your just gonna start from scratch/textbook :/)... Do you think as a form of...
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    How does tied ranks work for the HSC?

    What would be your top tips for succeeding in Economics smart man?
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    Is school attendance for Year 12 compulsory?

    So you mean lockdown was actually the best thing for your study routine? I heard like 80% of students got super demotivated because of lockdown but if you don't mind, please provide your arguements/reasons :)
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    TEE Analysis - 'O What is that Sound' | 'September 1st, 1939' | 'In Memory of W.B. Yeats |

    Includes the 3 texts I studied for Module B during my Preliminary Year - English Advanced. 3 TEE's per theme/idea relevant to the specific text included. (Also includes brief sentences of Context and Author Purpose for you to integrate into your essays for extra marks). Download for FREE today! :)