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    2009 UWS Chatter Thread

    Re: General chit chat/get to know thread. If only I had a dollar for everytime I was told this. "Rich Biatch"
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    2009 UWS Chatter Thread

    Re: General chit chat/get to know thread. Hey me Bader Tabbaa. B Science/M Teaching at Parra. I'm the idiot you see walking around alone listening to my music.
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    O Week

    When is O week at the parra campus? So far there have been a couple of stalls up. It that all?
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    UWS B Science/M Teaching Parra Campus

    Is anyone doing this course?
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    UWS Parra Campus.

    Hey guys. How to get to UWS parra campus from the station?? If by shuttle bus. How often does it come?
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    Help with enrollment (uws)

    hello yeh i have the same problem please help
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    Sign out day

    What's this sign out business...what happens if we sign out and what happens if we dont Hm
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    General Thoughts - Physics

    Yeah I thought the physics paper was ok. I think i did well in the calculations. Wow is it me or was there a lot of Motors and Generator questions...which of course is one of my weaker chapters. My last exam is tomorrow which is Engineering Studies....Goodluck with your Chem...enjoy.
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    Best game of all time??

    Mr Sonic the Hedgehog, Golden Axe and FF9
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    Final Fantasy

    YES YES. I have in my possesion FFVIII, played FFIX (Has the best battle theme ever), FFX was pretty awesome. And I'm currently playing FFXII. So yeah
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    How to apply/register for tafe.

    Okay I've almost finished my H.S.C but I'm deciding on going to T.A.F.E. How do I apply for T.A.F.E/course.:cold:
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    General Thoughts: Mathematics Extension 1

    Re: How did you guys go? Conics has some serious issues
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    Good luck tomorrow guys! (including some last tips)

    Thanks Namu. By the way is it better to be over confident that calm??.
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    Uni courses to get into game programming.

    Can someone help me find undergrade UNI courses to get me into me into game programming????
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    Poll : Raw Marks

    ^^ wtf 20 for business report how did u manage that lol.. im playing it safe and saying worse case is 15 for both section and 35 for short and 17 or 18 for mc.. that comes about 80 something..