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Recent content by Teighan

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    King Lear Half yearly question

    Interpretations of texts can shift and change with time and place (thats ours... we think haha)
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    nahum tate

    for those who want to help any of us with nahum tate - now is ur chance - post info about scene analysis - post info about the way he changed the structure, plot, characters.. what ever (this is for me especially - i am a little confused as to how to write about tates version as its...
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    Confused about King Lear and critics..

    a reading and an interpretation are confusingly similar a reading = a production (i.e. play, film etc etc) an interpretation = e.g. family/psychological - the way the original King Lear - written by Shakespeare can be understood/seen 'interpreted' its difficult to determine between the two...
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    King Lear Interpretation ???

    do u mean as in homosexual, i dont know if there are any homosexual elements to the play...
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    which interpretations/movies

    so i am a little confused i know that we should choose 2 specific interpretations but isnt it best to know the productions they corralate to ? here in lies my question: which intepretations should i study to gain the greatest knowledge? feminist? _ then which productions...
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    How do you Study?

    ok so someone said that a tutor isnt required for general maths... ill have u know i did 2u for year 11 and now general for year 12 so that i could take an extension subject and not have to worry about difficulty in maths... now u listen here (lol) general maths has some difficult concepts...
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    Questions regarding Skrzynecki Poems

    ok this is just off the top of my head from this morning.. someone correct me if im wrong! skrzynecki.. as an immigrant (or child of) has issues dealing with his background - in feliks skrzynecki notice how they mention his fathers difficulty speaking english. as peter skrzynecki goes on...
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    DAILY TELEGRAPH - Top 200 schools

    it got replaced by St Ives HS ------ > number 95 alright! go team 2005
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    Social & economic impacts in britain and germany

    hey everyone just wondering if anyone has some summarised notes on this topic (or anything to do with the homefront) would help heaps peace