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Recent content by Templar

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    If you attend Usyd - make sure you don't get cancer

    I don't see the options as being unreasonable. While our condolences go out to those who do have cancer, it would be unfair for the other students for the assessment criteria to be changed. The university offered an option of a deferred exam or DNF. Either you have completed the assessment...
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    It's the same course with the same syllabus. Some have mentioned different endings, but for assessment purposes you are taught exactly the same thing. The quizes, assignments and final exam are all the same for everyone.
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    Don't buy textbooks unless you're told. I didn't need a single textbook throughout my science degree.
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    There is nothing stopping one going to the 11am lecture. The lecturers should be roughly in sync.
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    Amo 2010

    I thought you signed a disclaimer that says you will not discuss the AMO until a certain date.
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    Enroling in Elec. Eng. subjects as a science student

    Just enrol in it. Science is pretty lax on taking subjects from other faculties, and Engineering doesn't really care. You should be able to get it signed off.
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    HELP- B Advanced Maths ( Financial Mathematics + Statistics) - HELP

    You can do commerce course up to a limit, since there is a minimal number of cp you must do from science (36 in junior I believe, check the handbook).
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    unikey p/w doesn't work

    Something to do with this term in GMail.
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    Engineering is pretty relaxed on this matter, especially if Doug Auld is still associate dean.
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    You will probably have 6 hour blocks if you do 30cp a semester. Don't buy maths textbooks. In fact, don't buy any textbook until uni starts. Most textbooks are for reference only and not very useful.
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    Bsc Adv help.

    All advanced is certainly doable. I've even done 30cp of advanced subjects in one semester (24cp senior, 6cp intermediate).
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    BOS USYD Roll Call 2010

    Doctor of Philosophy
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    In the B sci do I get to choose two majors?

    If you pick your subjects correctly, yes.
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    about bsc adv

    Easy, just do it. Overloading by a subject does not require approval. Provided by the end of your second last semester you have not done at least 144cp or completed a major, you can continue with your enrolment.
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    Abbott thinks reading the Bible should be compulsory in schools

    No, given that Dawkins' arguments are based on logical and rational reasoning and science, while religion by nature is dogmatic, as the followers state that it is something not to be disputed. If the Christianity is taught in the context of the historic origins of Australia and the western...