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Recent content by Teresa_2004

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    Semester 1 results (2005)

    Yeah I'm in the same situation, but before the message comes up a random name appears on the screen?!
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    Math 1001/1901 Discussion 2005

    hey thaoroxy :D remember me?
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    lab equipment

    Mat you can buy both your lab coat and googles from the medical society bookshop, which is located in the blackburn building. The lab coat costs $19.95 and the goggles about 5.00. However if you are a medical science student you get 15% off.
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    Thanks for your help. :) Some of my units are quite rigid however - especially chem1908, and it looks like I'm going to have to stick with what I have.
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    Is anyone doing Chemistry 1 Life Sciences (Advanced)? Just wondering if the only lectures available are in the 3-4 time period
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    Timetable Errors

    Thanks Tennille. Yeah, the missing hour threw me - sorry :o Why is there no tute for biology?
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    Timetable Errors

    I've just checked my timetable and noticed that I have three biology lectures, but I do not have a biology tutorial - is anyone else in the same boat. [particularly those doing medical science] Also my chem/bio/phy practicals only go for two hours [2-4]. Shouldn't they go for three?
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    BoS USyd Roll 2005

    Teresa_2004: Medical Science@University of Sydney :)
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    Woolworths Job Application

    You can always fax them your resume - and remember to put 'attention: store manager' or some form of address so that it actually gets directed to someone. I faxed directly to the store not to the head office - they contacted me soon afterwards.
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    Timetable for units

    thanks, but i thought they might give us one that has already been arranged.
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    Timetable for units

    I can't get into my personal timetable either - are they not ready yet? :confused:
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    Post your USYD offers!

    o.k. thanks :o that's more simple then i thought!
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    Post your USYD offers!

    luke bennett, since you seem to know about unit selections, do we have to be more specific in our choices? e.g is there say further selections to make with 'adv biology'?