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    UAI Estimate

    can somone plz tell me if ill get 82.00 with these marks: Chemistry Rank: 19/80 General Maths: 19/188 Adv English: 60/170 Anc History:9/70 His Ext: 7/13 Eng Ext: 23/36 HSC Exam Marks (Estimated): Chemistry: 82 Gen Maths: 70 Anc History: 70 Eng Ext 40 His Ext: 40 Adv English: 80...
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    uai estimate please

    i got the following rankings in the trial....i go to a topic 150 school at least 35 peaople got over 90 last year and looks like more this year: General Maths: 25/190 Chemistry:19/62 Adv English: 50/180 English Ext: 23/36 Ancient History: 8/72 History Ext: 5/14 i need 93.25 or between...
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    Final Uai Estimate Plz

    I have my trial marks back as well as my rankings i just want to know if i can get about 94.00 for a UAI if i get band 6 in the majority of my subjects: General Maths: Trial: 66% Rank:15/190 Chemistry: Trial 47% Rank:18/58 English ADV Trial:68%...
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    Aligned Marks?

    Can somone explain to me what exactly does 'aligned' marks mean...does it mean the average between your assesment marks and what you think you can achieve in the hsc? or is it just what you think you can achive in the HSC and diregarding your assesment tasks? sorry...just for UAI Seeker...
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    Uai Estimate

    i was wondering if i get the following marks and ranks before doing the Actual hsc examination would give me a chance to get a UAI of: 95.00 Chemistry Rank: 13/80 English Adv Rank: 70/190 Ancient History: 9/80 General Maths:15/190 History Extension: 7/27 English...
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    Scary UAI Estimate

    im really scared and worked up for the trials i just need a last motivation boost so plz tell me ure perspective of a UAI eligible as according to the following marks and rankings. Thanks School: St Marys Senior General Maths: 13/191 82 English Advanced: 45/160...
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    Motivation Help

    I know by now most of you relise it is the crucial part of your studies. I was just wondering if any of you who have done the HSC or know any useful motivation tips to please state. Im not studying as hard anymore and i need to know what can help thanks
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    Revenge Tragedy

    Does anyone do REVENGE TRAGEDY i have an assesment task and im seeking related material.... i dont want it to be to complex or anything as i already do Medea, High Noon, Hamlet and Unforgiven. Im seeking a song, or anything small thanks
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    Very Desperate UAI Estimate

    Hi sorry for people who dont like threads with estimates and stuff but im really anxious about my marks and ranks. So it would be good people could estimate a UAI..... thanks School: St Marys Senior High Chemistry = 6/80 Mark = 82 General Maths = 15/190 Mark = 82...