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    Coffs Harbour?

    dunno if all you schoolies who've been, or are going to goto coffs will enjoy it... personally, I'd find coming here to party a let down.. but for a relaxing beachside week with some expensive shopping for low quality products Coffs is the place sure the planto is good, coffs hotel ok (pity...
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    What were funniest momentf of your HSC

    funniest thing?? I've cracked myself up so many times reading this thread, oh my. Dude crapping his pants, guy thinking he had art when actually maths, the crazy bankstowniens.. oh and the kid with the balloon, hahaha. The supervisers at my school are so damn straight, I reckon if anyones...
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    Exam Injuries

    I was very pleased with how spread out all my exams were, was great. I experienced very minor dents into my fingers on exam days, which only lasted for a few hours afterwards... only real injury I had was falling down the stairs on the English Paper 2 day. The massive bruise on my ankle remained...
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    General Thoughts On The Exam

    Hyper happy with this exam. Was my last one too, as for many, was an awesome way to finish my HSC off. Extremely confident with my answers, all well structured and answered the questions I think (plus their open endedness allowed for deviation somewhat to demonstrate knowledge to our maximum :D...
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    School Ranks

    Where can one find the rank of their school? What kind of bearing do school rankings have on an individuals UAI/HSC? Does anyone know much about rural/regional schools/students getting UAI/HSC boosts?
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    Addicted to V?

    we should be allowed to have coffee mugs on our exam tables... I mean, seriously, who sits at home with water bottle while studying? I don't think it would be to hard getting V into a bottle.. dont know how strict they are on having clear bottles, I believe I've seen a few non-transparent...
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    German Beginners

    If only Rammstein's new album came out about a week earlier to listen to in lead up to exams. I got it the other day.. pretty good, to me they are losing the charm I used to feel from them. I don't know what's going to happen to Megaherz now either, seeing their lead singer has recently left...
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    what irritates you in the HSC exams?!?!

    well if they do your screwed basically. I always write my numbers on each page at the very end, after the guy says 'pens down'. Such a waste of time and distraction from my train of thought to write it in the middle of a question. So yeah.. I'll be sitting there scribbling it on each page...
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    things you do before the exam

    Get up early the day before (same time as I would for exam to get into routine), study hardcore cram style _ALL_ day, some 12 hourse or so (listening to hardcore goa trance or metal the whole time), then have a good hearty dinner, a good early night, a strong short coffee after I get out of a...
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    what irritates you in the HSC exams?!?!

    EDIT: ... And please don't read sports illustrated [rotated sideways on the centre fold page!]
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    what irritates you in the HSC exams?!?!

    HIGH-HEELS!!! wtf? CLONK CLONK CLONK.. then there are teachers playing games on their phones CLICKITY CLICKITY CLICK BEEP (you lose!) only making them try harder, ironically on banned camera phones too infront of the girls short skirts. And please dont read sports illustrated...
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    Exam regrets (only human)

    Check out this one, it rules. In Transformations Module for English Paper 2, I was giving textual evidence by quoting the line "A comic pornographer and a rabble of prostitutes." .. although I incorrectly quoted... I had a brain freeze and wrote "A comic prostitute and a rabble of ..... " and...
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    Hows your room?

    hows this, the parents of a friend of my brother paid for her to stay in a 5 star resort for the entire HSC (inc. stuvac). She did pretty well in the HSC I think. I dont think I could take the HSC that seriously.
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    The official.."i am so over it"..thread!

    I took two weeks off work before the HSC began (last week of holidays + stuvac) to study. Then 4 days before English Paper 1 I began practising my regurgitatable knowledge (essays) after freaking out heaps and realising I sucked heaps and just farted around in my 2 weeks off. Then the first...
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    What are you going to do if your UAI = crap?

    As trillions of people have already said, backdoors to uni are super plentiful. I'm planning to goto Brisbane, and believe QLD's unis are much easier to get into. In NSW, if you goto uni for one year and then decide to transfer to something different, they still take your UAI into consideration...