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Recent content by theboo

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    usyd law transfer 2018

    hmmm thats understandable mate. wellll i wish you all the very best with it! and you never know might catch you around the law lib in usyd sometimes without knowing
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    usyd law transfer 2018

    oh but isnt UMelb ranked higher than USYd?
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    usyd law transfer 2018

    ooo that seems awesome! from what uni you transferrring if you dont mind me asking?
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    usyd law transfer 2018

    yea its not about the cost but i got offered a law/iR degree At MQU last year so idk if i want to try with MQ again or stay in USYD....?
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    Have B.Arts - should I do BA/LLB or JD at USYD?

    hey was just wondering if you got into law? if so what was your WAM?
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    LAW Transfer 2018

    hey man was just wondering if you got accepted and if so waht was your WAM?
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    Questions about transferring USYD Law

    i know this is 4 years later, but i was just wondering if you got into usyd law? im trying to transfer however i wanted to know what the changes of me getting in are?
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    Should I apply for law transfer again?

    hey, i was hoping to transfer into usyd law as well from an arts to arts/law. Was wondering i you applied and/or got accepted?
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    Credit transfer from Mq to USyd comm/law

    hi i just wanted to ask what was your WAM or entry requirement if you dont mind? i wanna transfer and need some advice
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    usyd law transfer 2018

    HI guys!!! im a current arts student in usyd wanting to transfer into Arts/law in 2019- my atar was average (88.25) and my current uni marks are in the 77-80s range. if anyone in the past have transferred or know of people who transferred could you please let me know how you/ they went? i...