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  • Lol maybe I was wrong about you :)
    Don't apologise. I just got pissy because I thought you were being a troll.
    And lol, because I don't want to give the wrong impression of my school: yeah there are some jerks at Ruse who think the world revolves around them, but that just doesn't apply for the majority of people. If I thought the only competition I had was Ruse, I wouldn't be getting so stressed about everything. We don't think we're good, we just try our best to work hard so that we are =) Like everyone else does =).
    Excuse my rambling xP. And I do wish you the best of luck =)
    woow how soo many language ur doing
    omg i do french begginers and my half yearly is like nexted week:(
    i am soo going 2 fail
    I learnt French by myself for a year and half and I just started learning properly this year. You can notice this from the faults I made to the last visitor message I typed to you. Man, am I going to be stuffed in the exam!
    Quoi? Est-ce que vous voulez bien me dire que vous ferez les cours du latin renforcé, de l'italien renforcé et du francais renforcé l'année prochaine pour votre HSC? C'est de la folie mec! Combien d'unités comptez-vous suivre en 2010?

    P.S Corrigez mes fautes francaises s'il vous plaît. :)
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