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  • lol just a pleasant wandering comrade. Never can I again sustain a conversation
    All our store manager does is care about how much money we rake in and thats it. She never comes in the store (EVER) and it's usually her husband that comes in and does the banking or gets bread for himself.
    Us workers are left to fend for ourselves. That's okay, I went out and bought streamers anyway. Now our store looks like little bit festive (but not really)
    Yepperz, Bakers Delight reppin'
    I have to do all this decorations for that chia stuff. I DON'T KNOW WHAT THE HELL TO DO.
    We ran out of streamers -.-'

    I dont believe in facebook, but couldnt access it from the jungle i'm going to anyway. This is the end my fren
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