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    It’s not too late to apply for 2020

    if you're old then some people on here are fossils
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    How to Study Well

    ohh that's cool! well you should make the petition a lot of ppl would sign
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    How to Study Well

    what is construction ATAR
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    How to Study Well

    that's true schools are supposed to select only the most capable students and then continue to drop students along the way if they're not showing b6 potential, that's what my school does at least, otherwise it's just a waste and it would be better for the student to get b6 normally than b5...
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    How to Study Well

    yea, it's not easy to get band 6 when accelerated although the good thing is that you have the option to resit exams if you didn't perform
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    How to Study Well

    wdym bad as in less than band 6? in that case yes because acceleration isn't for everyone and it's harder to get b6 in accelerated conditions than normal for the majority (ofc there are ppl who thrive when accelerated but not most)
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    feeling honoured

    feeling honoured
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    double major or major/minor?

    tysm, that's what I was thinking (undergrad doesn't matter so much in my case since the end goal is tooth fairy) but I appreciate the reassurance I ended up switching to two majors because might as well, good to know that there's not much difference except less electives. thanks again, and...
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    double major or major/minor?

    hello, I graduated in 2020 and will be studying at Usyd this year. Course: Bachelor of Science/Doctor of Dental Medicine I was wondering if doing a double major would be better or more beneficial than doing a major and minor (this is for the Bachelor of Science - first 3 years). I know the...
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    Medicine 😎

    hold on you're right that's what the lowest probably is I didn't get an offer I think I was high when I typed that, false alarm soz!
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    Medicine 😎

    uh what I got 99.6 and shit ucat (not exaggerating) and got an offer in the first round as if this person didn't get an offer already, but I'm pretty sure they will in the next round, maybe the earlier round was strict with atar and not ucat, it's probs just the way UNSW is filtering everyone
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    Possibility of 92+ without notes

    I think it's a bit early for you to be asking this question, you'd have to be in a desperate situation to consider not writing notes at all especially for a humanities subject like economics that is content heavy I assume. you still have several months before trials and even longer before HSC...
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    Medicine: UNSW vs WSU

    accepting is different to enrolling right? I think you should accept your WSU offer asap and secure your place that way, and then wait to see how you did with UNSW. if you don't make it to UNSW, then enrol an WSU. if you make it to UNSW, then you have the option to accept both offers and pick...
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    UNSW Law Offers

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    Handwriting - Is mine legible/acceptable for exams?

    definitely use a pen with a thicker tip. your handwriting in black pen is far easier to read than the one in blue