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    Transferring internally UWS - PLS HELP

    i got an offer for business/commerce at uws...but i want 2 do engineering badly lol...i heard its easier to transfer internally...soo wat is the earliest time i can transfer to engineering at uws ( is it 6 months??)... since they r both completely different courses, doo i lose time??? pls reply...
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    What is the success rate of insearch?

    hmm i got 60..and uws engineering is 68 soo i wouldnt get in unless the cut off changes which is highly unlikely.. but if i do some other course at uws...and den transfer end of one i hav 2 start fresh?? which means i lose a yr?
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    What is the success rate of insearch?

    if i do a different course in a different uni for a yr..and then i want 2 transfer to engineering at UTS..wouldnt i lose a year?..does it mean i hav 2 do first year of engineering in 2010 or do i start 2nd year of engineering in 2010??? well the only thing "good" abt doing insearch was because...
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    What is the success rate of insearch?

    wat percent of people who do engineering dip at insearch actually go onto UTS?? wen is the last day to apply for this? i need more info on this thing soo share ur thoughts lol..
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    Whos studying now?

    lol im doing the calculations atm ... thats the worst part of the paper..//
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    IPT Study Thread

    well it requires 8 bits to get the 256 colours.. its just 2 to the power 8.. 2 to the power of x( number of pixels) equals to the number of colours.. well i hope i answered your question.. well here's my question What's the difference between forward and backward chaining? Provide...
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    The most hated/ tricky question in 2 unit 2008

    well it def has to be q10 cos i left most of the question out.. mayb cos i didnt hav timee err
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    upto wat topic in app of calculus in the 2 unit course?

    i guess its not the whole chapter so upto wat topic is in the 2 unit course for application of calculus to the physical world?
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    whos ready for maths??

    lol srs? hope ya get well soon then anyyways bakk to maths :lol:
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    whos ready for maths??

    stupid question i knoww.. but im bored =/
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    Highlighting Quotes

    well for one quote from skrzynecki which was pretty big... i wrote it the way it was set out in the poem and aligned the quote in the middle of the page... but i didnt bother for my other quotes cos they were just single lines...
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    What do you want to be when you grow up? Plans for after the HSC?

    LOL cant believe this thread is still going.. i remember creating it last yr coz i was so daym boreddd haha oh well gud luck guys =)
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    Whats the last subject u looked at?

    .... well il start off.. mine being englishh soo daymn bored of it haha
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    What do you want to be when you grow up? Plans for after the HSC?

    heylo 2009 HSCer's lol wat r u guyz plannin 2 do afta ur hsc? wat course wat uni and ur UAI aim? study hard guyz jus one more yr :rofl: lol i started a similar theard last yr for the 08er's and now its 09'ers turn haha